SEO Tactics to Cope Up With Google’s Panda Updates


The only thing that keeps Google on the top of all the search engines is the frequent updates it brings to increase the user experience. Creating the quality user experience is the top priority at Google, for which Google brings about many algorithmic changes, and Panda is one of them.

The website marketing strategies of every business are hit by Panda one way or another. For some it has caused elimination from SERPs, while for some it has resulted in increased rankings. The basic philosophy behind the working of Panda, and what SEO professionals can do to recuperate with the update are given below.

Working of Panda:

The working of Panda entails the Google Quality Raters. These raters review a website, and then provide Google with information whether the website needs to increase in ranking or needs to be shunned from the SERPs.

Basing on the opinion of Quality Rater’s opinion, Google then collects the traits of good and bad websites, and then makes up an algorithm on those traits. This algorithm then differentiates the websites, and assigns them ranking by comparing them to set standards.

SEO Tactics:

There are frequent updates in Panda every now and then. The primary tactics an SEO services provider can adopt to cope up with the changes in the update are given below.

User Experience- User experience is of very importance in coping up with Panda update. In user experience, special emphasis needs to be paid on the design of the website. The website must not contain several ‘next’ buttons, which make the reading of the content hard, nor should it contain excessive of graphics or ads, which clot the real message that is in the content. Google Panda would penalize any website that is hard for the user to surf.

Content Quality- No denying the fact, that the uniqueness and usefulness of the content are important in terms of quality of content; however, such content is available all over the internet, the thing you need to do is to add a personal touch to it. Such a touch which would make the content fun to read, you could do this by including anecdotes, historical facts, and a touch of humor. The more real and genuine your content looks, the better it ranks in terms of quality.

Usage Metrics- The third thing you need to consider pertaining to coping up with Panda is the User Metrics. Like, how much traffic does the website receive, what is the bounce rate of your website, what kind of social signals does the website receive, and how good your browsing rate is. Google applies all these metrics in Panda update.


In short, the best way to cope up with Panda update is to understand the ideology on which it works, and that is of enhanced User Experience and Quality Information.

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