Five Reasons Why You Might Be Unhappy With Your Current Internet Provider


When you first started your business relationship with your internet provider, you probably never thought that a day would come where you’d be thinking of going elsewhere for service. But the reality is that it will happen to many of us. Internet habits change along with lives, and sometimes a change can be just what you need to get the service you’re looking for. Are you unsure about leaving your current ISP? Here are some of the more common reasons why people decide to make the leap to another provider.

A Better Price

This is probably the number one reason consumers cite for going to another company. In these times when saving money is so crucial, it’s only natural to take a look at the services you’re currently paying for to see if there’s anywhere that your budget belt can be tightened. Interestingly, the internet is the last thing most consumers are willing to give up when times get tough. However, switching to the cheapest internet provider isn’t always the best idea; comparing companies before you sign up with one is the smartest route to take if saving money each month is your goal.

Higher Speed

Online video is getting more sophisticated, and internet games continue to evolve and become more realistic. But all of that high-definition content requires a higher speed connection in order to be enjoyed to its full potential. A low speed connection, while good for graphics-light activities like checking email, will not likely be able to handle higher intensity activity like watching movies. Usually, a broadband connection such as cable or fiber optic is recommended if you’re looking for a more intense internet experience.

Quality of Service

If you’ve found that your service leaves something to be desired lately, it could be a red flag that things are going downhill with your internet provider. Intermittent connections, inconsistent speed and frequent web site or service attacks are all indicators than a company could be in trouble. Ditto if customer service isn’t as attentive as it used to be. Checking online for customer comments about your internet company can help give you some insight as to what may be going on. But if the changes are too much to weather, then it may be time to split.

No Choice

If you’ve had to move to another state recently, then you may not have access to the same internet provider that you did at your old location. Every ISP has a different coverage area. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without internet or settle for a lesser quality connection. Before you move, check online to see which companies can offer service in your new area so that you can be prepared for any equipment you may need or schedule the connection of your service beforehand.

Contracts or Policy

If a contract was something you wanted when you first signed up, but things have since changed, then you may want more freedom to begin your search for a new provider. The same is true with policies; there is much talk these days about the employment of data usage caps on internet accounts, something that many disagree with. You may be able to find a company who doesn’t impose caps on its customers. But if this is turning out to be a difficult task, then signing up with an ISP whose usage policies you can live with is the next best thing.

Jesse Schwarz enjoys all things technology, especially related to mobile broadband.

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