The E3 Convention Shows Off Audio Visual Bliss


The E3 Convention, technically called the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a big time highlight of the year for video gamers worldwide. It’s traditionally held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre but it has moved once or twice for various reasons. This year’s E3 Convention showcased the entertainment expo as it should be with no small held from cutting edge audio-visual technical displays that made the most of the latest generation of games that are showcased. The number one highlight for any of the attendance to the E3 convention is without a doubt the games showcase.

The Big Three Showcase

The game showcases are usually divided up by developer with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony as the major names being watched closely. Being on the show floor of the E3 Convention is coverage that one can only dream of without actually experiencing themselves. With the technology of games edging closer and closer to true high definition, it becomes increasingly important that those games are presented using the best audio-visual technology available or risk dooming a film to underwhelming previews. London is due an E3 Convention of its own soon and it can be supposed that they would have to find an audio-visual company capable of handling the hundreds of thousands of people that are projected to enter the front doors.

The Press and Telecommunication Technology

Another aspect of the E3 Convention Centre is the need to provide the latest in audio-visual technology to the press room. The press room was originally the main focus of early E3 Conventions but in 2013 it is projected that the general public will outnumber the press by a dozen to one. With live online coverage taking place from the press room for many journalists, telecommunication technology is something that the convention cannot survive without. In some cases the coverage is live and it is therefore of paramount importance that the technology is reliable.

The Big Business of Entertainment Technology

Of course for an expo for entertainment technology, it’s obvious that there should be some cutting edge technology involved to showcase that. Every year the advancements create more interactive variations of entertainment and the technology that is involved with that is going to take leaps and bounds from year to year as well. It’s also becoming more and more clear that the gaming entertainment industry is big business and requires a convention worthy of the billions of potential dollars the industry makes every year. The E3 Convention is an experience every technophile you undertake at least once in their life; Los Angeles is the Mecca for technophiles without a single doubt.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and technophile; having worked for an audio visual company, he appreciates advances in that technology the most.

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