5 Smartphone Apps for Computer Repair Techs


When you are a computer repair technician out in the field, it is important to have all the tools you need to complete the job. If you are a freelancer, this could be the difference of getting paid or having to come back later. With the cost of commuting around town increasing, you can’t afford to make unnecessary trips. Therefore, those in the tech repair community are able to turn to their smartphones for assistance while on the job. Here are 5 smartphone apps that will help get the job done no matter where it is.


WiFi Analyzer:

With the cost of wireless routers so low and the tech generations getting smarter, wireless home networks are becoming a standard. If you are on a call for WiFi issues, the WiFi Analyzer is a must have app. It will allow you to scan each area for available access points and the channels they run on. With a graphical representation of each channel, you will be able to change the WiFi channel to the access point with the least amount of interference.


Dell Service Tag Scanner:

Dell computers are a popular brand owned by millions. With such a customer base it is no surprise that many technicians will have their hands on hundreds of problem Dells. If you find a majority of your calls being related to a Dell computer, then the Dell Service Tag Scanner is the app you will need. It will allow you to scan or enter the service tag number and get the warranty information for the machine you are working on.



This is a handy app that allows you to sync files between your phone and your computer. You can even open the files using your apps on your phone. For those who want to bring along repair trouble tickets, customer information, or receipts, you can easily download and upload the documents.



One of the biggest hassles for freelance repair technicians is accepting payments. Many customers won’t have the cash in their wallets when you show up. With Square, you can accept credit card payments either by swiping their card through the free card reader they provide or by manually entering their credit card information into the app. This will take the hassle out of accepting your customer’s payments and a receipt is immediately e-mailed to them.


Newegg Mobile:

Every technician knows is the place to order computer parts at great prices. If you are at a customer’s site and are unable to access the internet, Newegg Mobile will allow you to order what you need. Their app offers all the features we would expect from Newegg. From reading reviews and checking prices, to shopping and purchasing parts, the app will do it all.


We are quickly changing to a mobile world where our mobile phones are replacing conventional computers and laptops. If you are a mobile tech and are always on the go, your greatest tool could be sitting in your pocket. Take a look at these apps and any others that may help you save on time and money by keeping you prepared for what your customer may need.


Author Isaac Stone writes for, a site listing the best online computer science schools, as well as detailed information about the top computer science programs available.

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