Top 3 Games for iPhone and iPod Touch


Top 3 Games for iPhone and iPod TouchStrategery
Strategery looks and plays like a distilled Risk, and like the very best of classic board games, provides a simple rule-set that takes a lifetime to master fully. The premise is basic; you and your opponents enter a map and, with the armies you command, claim territories using dice-based combat. At the end of each turn, you gain extra armies based on the size of your largest territory cluster.
Strategery’s rules are tight, often bettering those of Risk For example, armies can’t be moved between territories, and each territory can take a maximum number, so there’s no stockpiling of forces.
So what does the future hold for Strategery? “We’re currently focusing on ironing out bugs and improving the experience,” the development team says. “Of course we do have new gameplay ideas, too, but our lips are sealed!”

Candy Train
This game comes from the PopCap stable and is a reworked version of the original PC game, so it translates perfectly to the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. While it looks like a game aimed solely at young children (or perhaps anyone over the age of 40), Candy Train is seriously challenging once the pace picks up.
You have to lay the track in front of the moving train as fast as you can by switching the tiles and choosing a new route. Get high scores by creating a long route and collecting the candy that randomly pops up along the way. If you thought driving the train and laying the track at the same time was simple, think again – you’ll need to change the train’s speed as well if you’re to grab any of that candy!
Candy Train is a perfect time-waster for all the family, and it can become fiercely competitive when you’re striving for those high scores. As a free game, there’s little to pick fault with, but the sounds are annoying.

Word Shaker HD
Those gamers who have ever been down to the pub and played the quiz machines will probably recognize this game. Unlike those versions, which require about £1.49 a pop, Word Shaker HD for the iPhone and iPod Touch only asks you to cough up once, and then you’re free to play as much as your heart desires.
The aim of the game is to find as many words as you can from a board containing randomized letters. To do this, you circle words (by tapping or sliding) and score points. The bigger and more complex the word, the more points you get, and you’re awarded achievements forgetting certain combinations.
At the end of the game, you’re given a summary of all the words you found and missed, which is kind of pointless when you get a different layout of letters next time round. There’s even a multiplayer mode to extend the game but it’s unlikely to prove as addictive as other online board games.

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