Tips to Rejuvenate Your Sluggish Mac


To get rid of the virus loaded environment of Windows, many users switch to the new fancy Mac. But over period of time, your precious machine too becomes sluggish. In such situations you may regret spending significant bucks for purchasing Mac! However, do not remorse as this is not a big problem, and occurs when your Mac gets cluttered with large quantity of unnecessary downloads and unimportant data. Let us discuss some tips to revitalise your sluggish Mac and make it as lustrous and burnished as new:

  • Delete Downloaded Email Attachments:

Attachments remain associated with respective mail in Apple Mailbox. To view any attachment you can either double click on it or can use QuickLook to see that attachment. However, in both the cases, the Apple Mail stores its copy at “youruserfolder/Library/Mail Downloads” folder. In this folder, you may find plenty of files eating up large space. You can delete these unrequited mail downloads from here, if you have the original email in your mailbox. However, if you do not have the original email, then clean out this space after taking the backup of all important downloaded attachment files.

  • Delete Logs of iChat:

iChat is a chatting messenger of Mac. It saves chat logs in Document folder by default, however, you can choose any other location to store these log files as well. This is a great utility of Mac to get the glimpse of an old talk with your loved ones. However, with time the size of the chat history increases and thus consumes more and more disk space. Therefore, by deleting all old and unwanted chat logs, you can save a lot of space on your disk.

  • Remove Unnecessary Log Files:

Mac generates and saves the log file of almost all the activity that you perform in it. To see the list of log files, you can go to the Console in Applications/Utilities. By deleting many of the files from this list, you can restore ample space of your Mac’s hard drive without affecting its working.

  • Adjust Safari:

If you are an Apple Safari user, then you must have known its features that eat up large amount of disk space. Example, Safari’s cache is designed in a way that it retains the history of all the browsing data, and hence unnecessarily consumes dozens of disk space. In this way, your Safari’s cache gets bigger and bigger with time and thus slowing down the browsing speed. Therefore, it is recommended to reset your Safari regularly through Safari–>Reset Safari and select the options that you like to choose.

  • Use any Non-Apple Mac Cleaning Tool:

Aforementioned tips clean up Mac and improve its performance. If still troubles persist, then without wasting any time thinking how can I clean my Mac; use an efficient Mac cleaning software which can do the needful.

In this way, by following these simple steps, you can renew your Mac and get back its old speed and performance.

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