Top 5 Must-Follow Natural Health Blogs


US News and World Report went totally online with Newsweek headed the same direction. Traditional news magazines are experiencing such terrible financial woes, but is it any surprise?

It shouldn’t be when you consider all the great sources of online information, including blogs that allow readers to zero in on exactly the information they need.

Blogs really shine at covering subjects like natural health and over the years I’ve developed a list of favorites. Here’s my top five must-read natural health blogs. See if you agree.

1. Laurel on Health Food
I might say this blog gives us a holistic look at holistic nutrition—it covers the subject from every angle, including recipes, reviews, drinks and info on commercially prepared foods. One recent post was dedicated to her love of Keurig K-Cup coffees. Not exactly what you’d expect from a health food blogger, until Laurel shares how she prepares the Vitamin Burst K-Cup packs. Good looking and chock full of information you’ll use. Put it on your list.

2. Healthy Fellow
JP Fanton bills himself as “your natural health critic,” although he has been in the natural health community for more than 20 years. His goal is to present natural health information that is based on evidence. This is the place to go when need help separating fact from fiction and reality from pipe dreams. Not every topic carries the weight of the world, however. I appreciate his in-depth look at mustard, a great low-calorie, high-impact seasoning.

3. Healthy Child, Healthy World
The stated goal here is to “ignite the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.” It’s a clearinghouse of news about the potentially toxic chemicals all around us. It can be uplifting, as when the blog detailed Olivia Newton-John’s success at opening a cancer and wellness center, or cautionary, like we see in an article about children’s cough medicines. This is a blog parents should occasionally scan. You’ll also get great tips on traveling with your kids and other useful subjects.

The innovations in dentistry can be difficult to keep up with. What’s the difference between a veneer and an implant? Writers and dentists work together on this blog to cover all the issues around dental care and hygiene. One interesting topic is here that you probably won’t easily find anywhere else: dental tourism. With the rising cost of healthcare, many Americans are venturing overseas for lower cost, high quality care. Combine your ecotourism in Costa Rica with a root canal, but remember to schedule the root canal for the end of your trip!

5. Fitness After 40
First, let’s say that this blog gives us all hope. Even the under-40 set will pick up some tips here and be ready when Father Time comes knocking on that very special birthday. It’s no secret that as we age, losing weight seems to get more difficult, but hey, it’s not a piece of cake for anyone. (Perhaps I should have used language other than “piece of cake” here. Sorry.) Donovan shares some pretty cool info relating cinnamon to weight loss that should help everyone hoping to shed a few pounds. A lot of sound advice on exercise is also available here.

Chris Turberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for Ivoclar Vivadent, a dental education centre for professionals seeking to specialize in Dental CPD. Ivoclar also offers courses for dental nurses, surgeons, technicians, hygienists and general practitioners.

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