Expand Your Career: Make Yourself Available Overseas


Yes, the job market in the U.S. is looking up, but there are advantages working abroad, too. You should never box yourself into one job market, especially if you work in the technology field. With countries looking to improve their technological infrastructure, even third-world nations, you can find fantastic work overseas, not to mention immerse yourself into an amazing experience. Expand your career options by looking beyond your borders. Here are some reasons why this is a great idea.

Life Experience

If you studied abroad or vacationed overseas, you know how exciting it is to be in another country. Why eat Italian food at a local restaurant when you can eat it in Italy? Why shop for French fashion online when you can shop for it in France? There are plenty of tech jobs in France and elsewhere. Work and live in another country so you can learn about it and love the local offerings. This also boosts cultural awareness and tolerance, which is crucial in today’s global business and social environment.

Resume Experience

Working abroad also gives your resume, or CV as the rest of the world calls it, a much-needed boost. Your resume isn’t just about education and work experience anymore; it’s also about life experience. When you’re ready to come back to the States, if you come back to the States (many people love being overseas so much they expatriate), you will have crucial life experience to add to your resume. Large national corporations appreciate candidates who offer overseas experience knowledge, because…

Network Experience

Forbes magazine points out that an advantage to expanding your career overseas is that it gives you valuable global networking experience from which you and future employers will benefit. You will network with people in the country in which you work and their customers, suppliers, and vendors. When you’re ready to move on a new employer or become your own boss, you can take these connections with you, which proves invaluable to businesses looking to expand the global reach.

Communication Experience

While working abroad, you will gain valuable communication experience, too. Unless you work in the United Kingdom, Australia, or another English-speaking country, you’ll be expected to pick up the local language. Business is global today, and even if you work in the United States, bilingual ability is in hot demand. One way to learn a new language effectively is by total immersion. This means you move to France and study French at the same time. You’ll be surrounded by it and learn it quickly.

Expand Your Career: Make Yourself Available Overseas

Overall Experience

Finally, working abroad gives your overall experience a huge boost. You’ll gain confidence and learn crucial communication and networking skills. You’ll become more self-reliant as you adjust to your new environment. You’ll show future employers that you’re flexible, and brave for that matter. You’ll learn and understand international working environments and regulations. All of this adds up to one thing: an experienced candidate who isn’t afraid to embrace opportunity no matter where it is.

When you take all of this into account, you realize that you should never box yourself in. Don’t just search for technology jobs in the United States. Look at offerings in the global job market, too.

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