Why Does My iPhone 6 Screen Seem To Scratch So Easily?


Within days of the release of the iPhone 6 many users were complaining that the new screen glass used seemed to be far easier to scratch. Forums were full of people stating that they had been really careful in looking after their new iPhone 6 but screen scratches were still appearing. If you have been experiencing problems with scratches on your iPhone screen then we are going to take a look at some points you may want to consider.

We are going to show you why it might be a good idea to invest in an iPhone Screen Protector and why it might not necessarily be those house keys in your pocket that are the most likely things to cause scratches on your iPhone screen.

Why Does My iPhone 6 Screen Seem To Scratch So Easily?

How does an iPhone Screen get Scratched?

There are many ways in which you can scratch the screen on your iPhone. If you accidently drop your phone then you are likely to see some damage, unless it is protected. Many people saw the Apple scratch test which showed the screen of the iPhone 6 faring well against a set of house keys. This why many were shocked at how easily their iPhone screens developed scratches. What is interesting to note is that the iPhone did not do as well against sandpaper in scratch tests.

This may seem irrelevant to you as you probably don’t walk around with sandpaper in your pocket. You may be walking around with sand or grit in your pocket though. Even just during day to day activities it’s easy to come into contact with particles like these which can be picked up on your hands. The particles are then transferred to your pockets and come into contact with your smartphone screen, causing scratches. It’s easy to see that keys may not be the only potential danger to your phone while it’s in your pocket.

Why an iPhone Screen Protector is a Good Idea?

To a certain extent, does it really matter why your iPhone screen is so easily scratched? What you really want to concentrate on is trying to stop it from getting scratched. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a screen protector. Putting a screen protector in place can even reduce the appearance of some minor scratches that may have already occurred.

There are many screen protectors on the market that provide different levels of protection, dependent on the needs of the individual. Many come with other features, such as protection against glare. If you want to protect your iPhone from getting scratched then you need to take a look at the iPhone screen protectors on offer and decide which one best suits your needs.

At the end of the day there is only so much you can do to stop scratches appearing on your iPhone, without using a screen protector. Once you have protection in place you no longer have to worry so much about potential sources of scratches.

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