Searching For Underwater Treasures On Vacation


Surely you have found yourself laying on the sandy shore, watching someone frolic in the sand with a beach metal detector while on vacation. You probably found yourself gravitated towards each beep that that very beach metal detector sounded, wondering what possible treasures could have been discovered. However, I bet you’ve never thought about the possibility of yourself partaking in metal detecting on vacation, now have you? Certainly it’s an exhilarating, unique and worthy activity that you should most certainly indulge in while taking a few days off to bask in the sun. Why not work on your tan while being on the search to find some treasure?

Finding Treasure on the Beach
The beach is one of the ultimate places to begin, or continue your hobby of exploring with metal detectors. In fact, salt water beaches often provide some of the most astonishing and fabulous finds. After all, what else would you expect from a giant body of water full of fish, whales, sharks, shipwrecks and so much more? The coast has so much to offer and when scanning your beach metal detector across the fabulous sands of the salty shores, you’re bound to come across something that is worth a gander.

In the Water Hunting
Now, metal detecting on vacation doesn’t have to end on the shore. You can continue your exploration with your beach metal detector while you take a dip in the water as you snorkel some of the stunning underwater sights and treasures that the coast has to offer, or dive deep to find the hidden fish, reefs and finds down below the water level. That’s right! There are metal detectors that are specific for these kind of endeavors and surely the best of treasures can be found in the ocean, instead of on the shore.

Snorkeling For Treasure
Snorkeling with metal detectors isn’t as hard as it can seem and is actually the perfect activity for experts, as well as beginners indulging in metal detecting on vacation. These kind of metal detectors can often find the most unique coins, jewelry and relics as they are often sensitive to such materials. Be sure to do your research to be sure that you are selecting the best underwater metal detectors for your advenutre.

Diving for Something Exciting
Diving with metal detectors is a little more complicated than using a beach metal detector, or snorkeling with a metal detector and for good reason. You can’t just go and dive without proper training, so you already have to have somewhat of a plan to become trained, or you already have to be qualified. Unlike the other metal detector activities, you can’t just jump in the water and begin. However, if you have the time to take some scuba diving classes, you should definitely indulge!

The coast offers you the chance to find some of the most exquisite treasures hidden amongst the ocean, so if you have the opportunity to take the plunge and go diving with metal detectors, don’t pass it up. Vacation is all about relaxing and indulging in activities that you can’t always do at home and exploring the exciting ways of metal detecting on vacation can be done solo, or as a family affair as well. No matter what your level of expertise is, whether you’re a beginner or professional finder, surely you will find enjoyment with a beach metal detector, while snorkeling with metal detector, or even diving with metal detectors. Dive in!

Photo Caption: Rings and coins often turn up on the beach while hunting with a metal detector in the sand according to Michael Bernzweig of

Photo Caption: Customers of often turn up rings and jewelery while diving for treasure with the Garrett Infinium under water metal detector.

Michael Bernzweig manages in Southborough, MA. He has written extensively on the subject of metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. He has traveled world-wide in his pursuit of educating, exploring and advising others in the proper use of metal detectors. Outside of the business he enjoys mentoring students, being involved in the community and spending time with his family.

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