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Everyone seems to love mobility. When mobile phones first appeared, over 20 years ago, people were overjoyed to be able to make and receive calls while out of their home or office. The idea of not having to sit by the phone, waiting for an important call, was truly liberating. As a result, the mobile phone industry evolved rapidly, as more and more people often forsake having a regular phone at home, and just kept a mobile phone with them at all times.

The same thing had happened with computers about a decade earlier. While early computers were big, boxy things that had to be connected via a phone line to the Internet, and later to higher speed coaxial cable or fibre-optic cables, things began to change fairly rapidly. The first wireless routers were introduced, which allowed the Internet signal to be broadcast over a limited area, but far enough so that one did not have to necessarily sit at a desk to work. Simultaneously, laptops were created. These were naturally fairly big and bulky, but as the years went by, and scientists figured out how to pack more computing power and more features in a smaller space, laptops became quite popular, allowing people to slip them into a briefcase and work from any location that had a Wi-Fi signal.

The computing world was turned upside down one more time, just over two years ago, when Apple introduced the first truly useful tablet, the original iPad. As of this week, it is in its fourth generation, with a dazzling high definition screen, plenty of computing power and in some models, access to both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Many other manufacturers followed suit with models that varied in size, speed and features. But the idea of the tablet is definitely here to stay. They are so enticing than one can’t be faulted for thinking “I’m going to sell my laptop and get one of these latest marvels”. The good news is that there are easy ways to do so, freeing up cash to go out and start choosing a new tablet.

So many choices…
With Microsoft releasing its first tablet on October 26, the tablet world just got a little more crowded and a little more complicated. When deciding what tablet to buy, you have to think of what you would use it for. As Microsoft’s version, called the Surface, is going to run the latest Windows 8 operating system, it will have full support for Office 2013, and a USB port. At this point, it appears to be the best choice for those who are going to use it exclusively in a work environment, which is pretty much what Microsoft had in mind. Apple’s iPad still has the best visuals, as well as the most complete media and entertainment technology and applications. And if one has a smart phone using the Android operating system, Asus offers their top of the line Transformer Infinity which also runs Android.

You can get going now
If you are no longer as enamoured with your laptop as you used to be, you may be thinking “it’s time to sell my laptop”. With so many enticing tablet options available, selling that laptop is easier than you think on various store those are available online.

Chris Harlepp is a US-based technology writer covering the latest advances in modern technology and all its derivatives, including sell my laptop. He writes on a freelance basis for many of the major technology blogs.

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