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In the 21st century; no successful business can do without a whole host of web-enabled services. From routine services like payroll to eye-catching marketing effort on the Internet, every business will, of necessity, have a need for a reliable and well-supported computer infrastructure. While many large, well-funded companies choose to keep these functions in-house, small and mid-sized companies often do not have the resources available to make the same choice. Instead, these companies have discovered another, just as effective, but far more affordable option; cloud hosted services.

The use of trusted, third-party vendors has been an integral part of the American business landscape for well over a century. It is only natural that this phenomenon should finally extend itself into the online world. Cloud hosting companies offer the resources, expertise and experience to provide a company with outstanding technical support while keeping the costs reasonable. Consider the services of a cloud hosting company and your company will save money in three ways:

Less Hardware

While it is possible to host your company website or other applications on the computers that are in regular use in the company office, it is an extremely unwise to pursue this course of action. The stakes are simply too high to trust valuable company and customer information to machines that are in general use. Instead, a company that wishes to host its own computer services will need to invest in servers, backup equipment and a variety of physical and online security devices. In addition, an investment in regular updates must also be considered.

Less Staff

Software and hardware, no matter how reliable, will need a support staff. In smaller companies, this staff is not needed all the time but still must be available on an emergency basis. The situation is not a particularly cost-effective one for companies that do not have a significant technological infrastructure.

Less Downtime

The combination of substantial hardware and staffing resources allow a third party company to provide far more dependable service than the typical in-house solution. In addition to redundant backup systems, there is almost is a technologically savvy staff available on-site for 24 hours per day. Any problems that develop are handled quickly and efficiently and usually transparent to your customers.

The Bottom Line

A company that provides cloud hosted service’s deals with multiple clients. As such, they can spread their costs for hardware, staff and backups across many clients and still deliver a superior service. Every company looking to for world-class cloud based services should seriously consider a hosted solution.

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