Review: Play Station Move The Fight


Review- Play Station Move The Fight

Nowadays, gaming gas been transformed with new motion control games like the Kinect and the Move. The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation Move is one of many games available. While the game is supposed to be motion controlled, it’s quite difficult to believe as well as in practice to be able to virtually fight as the game does not allow the player to move their feet. You can do the basics like dodging and duck punches and other throws but there know backing up or moving around flexibility.

This brings up many questions like who’s actually in the game, you or the characters. How closely are your movements being matched by the game? Why is your characters stamina so limited? If you move your arms in reality, why can’t you punch? If the game helps you in delivering a good punch, how do you know that was your work or the games? How come punching faster still makes my characters movements so slow? There are many more related questions but they are quite difficult to answer.

Moreover, in real life it is not so easy to actually hit a person during a fight unless of course you’ve taken karate classes or have been in several brawls, but for moving targets it really takes lots of training and practice to be able to hit contacting blows, it not as simple as it seems in films. The relation of this with The Fight is that while the game has barely moving targets and opponents, it’s still very tough to deliver a punch that connects.

What’s more, the cameras do nothing to help overcome this problem; an aim to the head may result in a punch being thrown above the shoulders. Also the controller is complex enough to hinder the fine control of your hands completely.

Additionally, The Fight is a bit more expensive than other games of its kind as it requires two Move controllers. The game is also pretty hard to play as you’ll have to learn how to manage a hit while punching at the air, which can be physically tiring, but at least the feeling of finally splitting an opponent’s lip open or landing a nice jab in the gut is a great feeling.

Conversely there are a few good points in the game, like the graphics of the game are on spot with a 80s theme, and then there’s the ability to bet on fights, including your own. However, the best thing about the game may be the virtual workouts due to the training games and the general ducking and punching. The game also gives an approximate number of calories that you may have burned during a game play. All in all for forty bucks it’s an okay game.

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