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How Can The Internet Help The Elderly In Their Activities Of Daily Living?


Although teaching old dogs new tricks is supposed to be difficult, it’s not supposed to be impossible either. Certainly, when it comes to the elderly, teaching them how to use the Internet is worth your time and theirs.

Online orders and deliveries
If physical movement for them can be quite a challenge – such as in the case when they are having a particularly bad day because of rheumatoid arthritis – then your elderly loved one can skip today’s trip to the local grocery by ordering for his or her stuff online instead. In this case, it’s critical that your elderly loved one is made aware of all local businesses that accept online orders and offer delivery service.

Virtual communication
Elderly loved ones usually force themselves to endure all sorts of things just to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren. Take away this burden from your loved ones by teaching them the different ways they can communicate with other people – usually for free and even those who are living out of state or abroad.

Health-oriented research
The Internet can also be a tool of self-empowerment when it comes to the various ways they can improve their health or condition on their own. They can go online and research about self-coping strategies when you have hypertension and diabetes. They can use the Internet to know more about the essential principles for maintaining a nutritious diet as well as which natural herbs can be particularly beneficial for their health.

Financial management
More often than not, every aspect of your finances may now be managed online. Most banks today, for instance, offer online account management services. Similar services as well are offered if you own stocks or foreign currency that you use for trading. With this type of service, there’s no longer any need for your elderly loved ones to tire themselves with trips to financial companies and bear long queues just to inquire about the status of their account.

Recreational pursuits
All sorts of recreational pursuits are available on the Internet for the elderly. Whatever your elderly loved ones want, they are guaranteed to find it. They just need to be patient when searching for it online. Here are a few examples of the various things your elderly loved ones may enjoy doing online.

  • Browse, purchase, and download all types of eBooks
  • Play games of any type, e.g. word, strategy, role-playing, or simulation
  • Interact or meet new friends from the same age group
  • Learn new skills or hobbies through web-based classes, tutorials, and seminars, e.g. piano lessons, digital scrapbooking, foreign language instruction

A new source of income
Last but not the least, if your elderly loved one has a desire to continue working for whatever reason then the Internet provides them with a safe and reliable platform to do so. There are various kinds of jobs they can take on and in which their age won’t make any difference.

Make sure they have the best Internet experience!
Elderly individuals tend to be more impatient and easily frustrated. To ensure that they have the best online experience, equip their home with the ideal high speed Internet service. With a reliable and fast Internet connection, they’ll likely be able to accomplish more things more efficiently, too.

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