Information on Nikon F100 from the Experts


Information on Nikon F100 from the Experts

Nikon has been helping people record and save snippets of history since the 1940s. Happiness, sadness, fond memories, emotions, the bright side and the darker side of life has been captured by Nikon cameras from a wide variety of angles and perspectives. The Nikon brand is well renowned for the cameras they produce and the Nikon F100 continues the tradition of excellent quality and superb engineering technology.

Photographers who own the Nikon F5 will be pleased with the Nikon F100. To read all about the information on the Nikon F100, stay with us in this article. There are many differences between the two cameras beginning with the extended grip that is absent in the F100 camera.

The following information on Nikon F100 benefits will be useful in helping you decide whether this is the camera for you.

Starting with the light weight of the camera at 27.7 ounces, it is very easily portable. This weight is without the batteries of course. But then again all you need is simple double A batteries (4) to get your Nikon F100 up and running. There is an option on the batteries you use and it is recommended that you used two CR123A lithium batteries that fit in the optional holder. An excellent choice for those cold weather trips you plan to make!

The camera has great flexible bracketing which allows 1/2 as well as 1/3 stop adjustments and full stop adjustments. There’s a closest focus priority function, AF sensors that light up in red for easy visibility, matrix meter and high speed frame advance options.

The Nikon F100 is a very well balanced camera, comfortable to hold and very lightweight to carry around. The lens featured at the front of the camera is also very light at 24 mm f/2.8. In true Nikon fashion heavier lens changes are possible, but do not affect the balance on this camera. There’s a lot of superior technology packed into this camera despite the lightweight. The grip is a really nice feature; not over extended but not too short either. The body of the camera is covered in rugged rubber similar to what the F5 has. When you hold the Nikon F100 you know you are holding a professional camera.

Here’s some more information on Nikon F100 cameras that will be useful. The camera is capable of producing 4.5 fps (regular batteries), flash sync speed is 1/250, 30 seconds tops for the slowest shutter speed and 9 seconds for the rewind speed. Features and capabilities are without doubt top of the line, an excellent camera from Nikon!

To summarize the information on Nikon F100 cameras; the F100 is the redefinition of highly professional performance in a camera. It is a compact, professional SLR camera that operates on the high speed Dynamic Autofocus system. Quality of pictures is very high with supremely exposed, sharply detailed results. The tough yet lightweight magnesium body is the perfect partner in the field of photography.

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