The Game of Ant Smasher on iPad and iPhone


The Game of Ant Smasher on iPad and iPhone

If you have some basic instinct to smash any thing that comes in your way then Ant Smasher is the right choice of game for your iPhone. The developer of this game app naturally exploits your aggression in this game. This game is difficult to be stopped once you begin it.

It is very easy to play the game of ant smash. In this game, number of ants will continuously run across in your screen, and the task lies in smashing the ants as much as you can by using your finger. A squashing sound is produced when an ant is smashed. You will start with an additional life of which one will be lost if an ant comes in contact with bee.

The bees are also included in this game application, which runs from one end of the screen to another, but they do not have enough sense of judging the direction in which they are supposed to go. If you accidentally touch a bee, you will be losing one life when it stings you. Again if you allow an ant to come across a bee your life is lost. This feature requires lot of concentration and poses enough challenges to win the game.

As you proceed to the second level of the game, the ants grew a little to form an army and they run at fast speed along the screen making it difficult for you to smash them. If you wish to gain more life, wait for the opportunity to pick up the power which appears rarely which you are supposed to smash using your finger. In this game, the more you smash the more you are progressing towards winning point.

This game of Ant Smash is very popular among children and teenagers who wish to have some diversion out of routine. In my view, I prefer Fruit Ninja game in which there is no deadline or scoring so it is easy to reach success in that game. But in this Ant Smasher it is all the more challenging to reach some levels as you cannot attain higher level unless you can meet the fast pace of the ants. It is not possible to keep the phone down for an hour if you have started playing this game.

This game is equipped with all the essential features of a popular game. Hence it sells like hot cakes in the market. It comes with excellent graphics and the game makes use of an intelligent theme in its background. You can learn this game easily but it is difficult to master this game. It instigates the player to destroy anything that comes in their way in playful manner.

You can download this game for free but once you are addicted to it, you will be tempted surely to spend less than a dollar for buying its full version.

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