Keep Fit Works out in your iPad


Keep Fit Works out in your iPad

Fit Click is an app which monitors your health paying special attention on exercise and diet. If you wish to track your calorific consumption daily then you can now do it on your iPad or iPhone itself by downloading this app. It basically compares your consumption with the workouts you do daily and submit a report accordingly. If you are just new to Fit Click then first submit the necessary information about you like age, your weight and your gender and your weight.

Both the new user and the existing user can benefit from using this app. If you are already using this app, then you could understand how easy it follows your weight chart and assigns a plan according to your weight. Suppose, you are a new user then also you can draw information about managing your calories and checking the calorific value of each item you eat, and a rough calculation of your exercise and workouts by using this app.

Like a coin which has both sides, Fit Click also has benefits and drawbacks. First looking on the positive side, this app monitors your exercise and diet equally. It is ideal to manage them both side by side using a single app. The app contains a detailed catalog of various food items of both branded and standard foods. It also offers live demo of some workouts if you don’t know them properly or if you are getting bored in doing your daily exercises monotonously.

The Fit Click is an alternative of its website. So, already the website provides detailed information about exercise and diet. There is no method of getting information using this app alone without visiting its website and track your weight. Without visiting the official website or without registration you cannot access any information from the site. It is frustrating and disappointing that you cannot directly get details from your iPhone.

Yet another disgusting feature about this app is each time you have to search and select a particular food item from its chart for knowing the calorie value of it. You cannot directly type the specific item for getting details of its calories and this is not going to benefit you and it further makes your diet plan complicated. The app does not have the facility for saving any item that has already been selected by you. The same problem lies with exercise also which is all categorized generally and not addressing any specific problem of weight loss. But the only relief is that the app and its website perform good function without getting crashed in the middle.

Overall, Fit Click is dependant on its website and cannot function separately. The app also includes only less information when compared to the original website. If you are really bothered about your health, you can also try “Lose it” app which is better than Fit Click with many features and is customer friendly.

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