10 Best Green Gadgets


Progress is not yet well-enlightened. Going green matters even the politically hip is aware of it. Gadgets continue to flood the market at an astronomical rate, each one more needed by humans than the last. But being politically right does not have to clash with being high tech savvy. A rundown on 2010’s top ten green gadgets are now here.

1)  Regen’s Renu Solar Charger Dock for iPhones and iPods.

Yes the drooling has started because the latest iPhone 4 from Apple has been released. Millions of these iconic device exist already but still millions more will be sold. Regen’s creation of a charger dock that is solar powered is a combination of cool and smart idea. To add to that, this battery is capable of charging twice a unit and is made of unique lithium iron phosphate, and even when device is not attached it sucks the juice in.

2) Mint Battery with Shakenergy

Mint Battery with Shakenergy

Mint Battery with Shakenergy

Its midnight, no power and the flashlight is not working. In emergencies like this what is the perfect solution? A battery is is developed by Mint Pass that when shaken is recharged. It is the kind of take anywhere battery, for walking in the dark to look for circuit breakers or hear the news,  that consumers will approve of because it is eco-friendly.

3)  Husqvarna Automower, Solar Powered

Husqvarna Automower, Solar Powered

Husqvarna Automower, Solar Powered

Robot is the high tech symbol. While solar energy is for reduced carbon emissions. Combine this and you have an Automower to create manicured lawn that everyone will be happy about even Al Gore. It is very functional to use as it is hybrid.

4)  WiFi Enabled Thermostats From Radio Thermostat Company Of America.

 WiFi Enabled Thermostats From Radio Thermostat Company Of America

Save money on a computerized home environment. It is more convenient also. The home WiFi network is where you hook you Radio Thermostat device and it does have an app for the phone. It is now possible that even when nobody is there during those times the heat can be lowered. In going home at unusual times, the temperature can be set, even before you arrive, to a comfortable level.

5)  The Energy Detective

This is a simple monitoring device for  real time energy consumption. Source

6)  The Best Smart Power Strip

The Best Smart Power Strip

This power strip uniquely monitors the control device’s power like the computer as it can tell if a device is consuming less power. Peripheral devices like a printer or a monitor can be powered down completely. When using again the control device, other devices can be put to use as they are awakened.

7) Solar powered garbage can by Big Belly’s

Solar powered garbage can by Big Belly's

The capacity design of this garbage can is five times bigger than the ordinary receptacle. This means fewer taking the garbage out times, as it harnesses solar power in crushing the trash.

8)  Solar powered Voltaic bags

Solar powered Voltaic bags

Toting bags around is not just convenient but earth-friendly also. All sort of mobile devices can be powered by solar panels attached inside a backpack or cases for laptops. Voltaic created these, making the everyday tools green and useful.

9)  Orange Solar Powered Tent

Orange Solar Powered Tent

This one is not on top of the list as it is still a concept. This tent made by Orange Telecommunications is as high tech as the International Space Station. Orange Telecommunications, together with Kaleidoscope a design firm, drawn a tent with a covering of fabric that is semi-photovoltaic, a light generating flexible solar panel when the sun sets. It powers mobile devices, can be a potential WiFi hub, and if lost can send SMS to ask for help on finding its position.

10)  New Resource Group’s shower head

The amount of water used for taking showers is reduced with the use of NRG’s. The old saying still apply, waste not want not. It maintains the sensation of a good, hot shower with its various settings.

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