Super Mario 3DS: Nintendo needs it!


Super Mario 3DS

This year E3, also known to be Electronic Entertainment Expo brought a lot of surprises for the gamers and gizmo freaks. Well, many of us know about the decrease in Nintendo’s sales volume in the 3DS devices. Why it happened? Well, due to the fact that users did not find it entertaining, affordable and a complete package.

We love Super Mario Bros. since we were kids. It has been in the market for more than a few decades now. They still are known to be the best mascots and most favorite characters in a video game. Nintendo has been improving Mario Bros. from time to time, so what happened with the sales of 3DS? It was launched without a version of it, that what exactly happened and the other games made the users feel kind of sleepy.

Here is the good news! At the E3 convention, Nintendo announced Super Mario Bros. in 3DS, along with two other related games i.e. Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario Kart 3DS. According to the experts, they have tried this game at the expo and found it really catchy for the users. With a delightful and more unique touch, it still has a few old things intact but so much more has been added. The enemies have become more powerful but the graphics has made it easier for the users to understand the game.

Will the two most popular mascots be able to save Nintendo? I sure hope so; at least having Super Mario in a portable Nintendo 3DS will grab my attention. Controlling Super Mario is easy and you know about the giant leaps instantly. It is fun to play the game.

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game system device with great features, it is just sad that such a good device did not get enough users. It has a 3.5” screen in 3D, 2D touch screen, fast horsepower, integrated with Wi-Fi, two to three cameras, also plays old DS games and other controls. It comes under a price of $250.

It is expected that Super Mario Bros. will release soon this year and the other two related games after that in 3DS. If all goes well for Nintendo, sales volume will be better for the 3DS portable console.

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  1. So many awesome games for 3ds announced: Paper Mario, Super Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, etc. I’m really excited for these new games. Good job Nintendo! 🙂

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