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The Valence Group is an investment bank that is a chemical M&A expert, offering advisory services to companies and investors who specifically deal in chemicals, materials and other associated sectors. Since its establishment and over the years of sector focus, the Valence Group has created an extensive transactional experience; sell side, buy side, private companies, joint venture, LBOs, management buy-outs and fairness of opinions. Being an independent organization, it has no potential conflict of interest that many multi-product banks usually have.

Their Experience

The firm works in specialized sectors and its clients reap the benefits directly from The Valence Group’s experience in the economic, contractual, liability and transactional issues, specific to these sectors. Due to their un-parallel experience on both the advisor and client side negotiations, they have a deep understanding of strategic, financial along with other issues that have the potential for creating both opportunities and obstacles, in any transaction. Its team members have provided their services and advised on more than 200 closed chemicals & related M&A transactions, having a combined worth in excess of $80 billion and involving active businesses in more than 100 sub-sectors, both specialty and commodity.

Chemical Focus

The Valence Group grows from the chemical and materials industry. They’re flexible due to the succeeding nature of chemical industry. They’re inventive because they’re expert in handling several regulatory regimes. They’re methodical and thorough in order to make sure that they are able to squeeze every last drop out of a deal, just for their client’s benefit. Not only are they familiar with everything there is to know about mergers and acquisitions, but they’re even completely knowledgeable about the roadblocks —typical tripwires associated with the chemical industry and its regulatory structure and potential drawbacks a general M&A bank might not be able to recognize. No other investment bank promises the sheer breadth of real-world, practical chemical industry experience like The Valence Group, which gets your deal, finalized! They know what their clients expect from them and how exactly to make it happen.

Their Team

The entire team of the Valence Group unifies, combining their collective expertise for their clients. Usually, the whole team takes part in any transaction they are involved with. With conviction, they believe that their ability to cross-fertilize the experiences and contacts of each and all of their team members, whether in creating opportunities or solving transactional problems creates value and advantage for their clients. Many of their typical investment banking competitors have only a handful of chemicals specialists but few, if any, have the kind of experience that The Valence Group can set up.

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