The Various Benefits Of Online Flashcards


Online flashcards have made self-studying easier for students, all over the world and the fact that they’re accessible through the internet is just an added bonus. These are digital versions of the traditional flashcards having the same purpose – to engage students in the course material by having them make their own flashcards and then use this as a tool to learn.

How Online Flashcards Are Better Than Traditional Ones?

Of course, the differences start with technology, which makes online flashcards better than the traditional ones. Flashcards can be randomized and a test can be created from the information they contain, without the help of another person. These tests utilize the information on the cards with just a click of mouse button. A flash card software has an easy-to-use graphical interface so that the students can learn interactively, without having to learn the interface. With online cards, there’s no compatibility issue with different computers and they can be accessed on any computer that has a decent internet connection. These programs are hosted online, which can be found, free of cost. Another great thing about these virtual flashcards is the fact that they have an existing library of flashcards regarding various topics and students can use them or create new ones. They have the same feel to them as traditional flashcards, but they’re digital, so storing and organizing them is definitely easier as compared to the typical ones.

Other Benefits

Online flashcards are meant to cater educational needs of students. These are designed to encourage learning amongst children, with an element of fun. Some of their positive effects are mentioned here:


Most students show better results when they aren’t out on their own. Motivation is supplemented by two main features: the first being the ability to share cards with fellow students – they may challenge their fellows with a test generated from their flashcards. The second feature stems from the cloud computing aspect. Since the material is hosted online, teachers can review a student’s flashcards, either because they have been assigned or just to check their progress. Students can share their flashcards with their teachers to make sure if their content is accurate and meaningful.

Flashcards for Struggling Students

While they aren’t primarily meant for testing, online flashcards can gauge students’ progress by testing and can help identify their weaknesses. Because the software programs are interactive and fun to use, students don’t see these tests the same way as formal tests, so it’s quite stress-free. Moreover, these cards allow struggling students to review before an actual test, on any computer.

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