8 Effective Tips for Business Card Design


A great business card can make a huge difference to a company’s profit levels. When a business card is given to clients at a conference or after a meeting which is taking place in Northern Ireland, it should make a great first impression. Although a business card can be designed by a company, it is highly recommended that it is done professionally. By choosing printers Belfast, business cards will be created that a company can be proud of. Before hiring a printer’s service, here are a couple of factors to think about:


The business cards which a freelance professional has can have a photograph of themselves. Just like with LinkedIn, it is very important that a photograph of a person smiling is used. If they look unhappy, a business card might be thrown away.

8 Effective Tips for Business Card Design
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The font that will be used for a business card must be considered long before contacting printers. Some fonts look better than others. Times New Roman is a commonly used font but there are plenty of others to choose from. Why not take a look at a Microsoft Word document to see the many fonts which can be on a business card? Consequently, all available options can be referred to before making a final decision.

Contact Details

A business card should have relevant contact details. If a company forgets to provide a telephone number for their head office or an email address is spelt incorrectly, added expense accrues. This is because they will have to be reprinted. By deciding what information will be on a business card, no costly mistakes will be made.

Print on Both Sides

Many companies make the mistake of not using both sides of a business card. Traditionally-designed business cards typically had information on one side. However, business cards have changed. Contact details can be on one side of a business card and the other can have reviews of its services.

Paper Quality

Business cards should be made out of strong materials and not flimsy paper. The cost between one type of material and another can be slight and not necessarily considerable. Consequently, a company can have business cards which are not easy to rip. Even if hundreds of such business cards are purchased, a company might only have to pay slightly more than the lowest price option.

Don’t Overdo it

Although a snazzy design could be chosen for a business card, this isn’t always necessary. When there are many graphics on a business card or it has multiple colours, this can have a negative impression because it seems that a company is trying too hard to impress.

Simply does it

A simple business card should be considered. As long as it has contact details, such as an email address, a mobile telephone number, and reviews of its services, a business card contains all of the relevant information. It could even have a white background with raised lettering; printers Belfast might have many simple designs such as this.

Ask for Help

If a company doesn’t know what their business cards will be like, ask for help. As printers in Northern Ireland, such as Belfast, have helped many other companies before with designing their cards, they might have many ideas about what a final design should be like.

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