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Our world is advancing fast; scientifically and medically we are making huge leaps and bounds and technologically too, with more resource and funding as a result of technology proving its worth in business things are progressing at a rapid rate. Businesses with limited or no technology now can actually lose custom through simply having a lower functionality than their competitors despite offering the same or even a better quality of service. As a business that can transfer across tourism, hospitality, events or even commuting the taxi business is by no means immune to technology and innovative firms already stray away from tradition with how they conduct their business.

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Booking online
Because of advanced computer systems customers can now book their mini cabs online. It makes sense with practically all phones having some sort of internet facility to offer this as a service. Tapping into the techy savvy sector can help to both gain new business and advertise through another quickly expanding medium. This also can help decrease staff if the process can be managed by one person and it reduces the need for multiple phone lines and someone needing to be on the other end of the phone at all times – there is arguably now no need for opening hours at all! Any cost savings can also be passed on to the customer making the business more competitive.

Sites built for mobile
Having multiple versions of websites, one for those using a computer and another for those using a mobile is a fairly new concept but one that can come in very handy for cab firms to have. For example all those people who may not have credit on their phone, have not saved the number but remembered the company name or are in a rush to find a number can go to the companies website address and have a different, simpler website show up that’s formatted specifically to mobile phones. Whether then to make a booking or find the phone number and call up quickly, making the booking process more efficient will surely help to win and retain more custom.

Mobile phones
Phone numbers and branding have become more important than ever in recent times. No longer do we leaf through the yellow pages for a taxi firm; those antiquated days it appears are over. By having strong branding with a memorable company name and number you can help retain custom meaning that having the biggest ad in the local directory is no longer the best strategy. By getting in people’s heads and consequently their phone you stand a better chance of winning the business.

Innovative advertising
Advertising has also evolved and now businesses appear to forge effective partnerships rather than advertise in a newspaper. By this way they create a smarter, more targeted campaign capturing their desired audience. As an example so often now bars and universities have a specific cab firm they recommend to students demonstrating how things have gotten smarter. Businesses also go online for their advertising on targeted sites and use TV if they have the budget.

It’s exciting to observe these changes and see what will happen next, let’s hope things just keep getting easier and more cost effective for consumers!

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