Most Annoying IT Problems & How To Solve Them


Computers are one of the most inspiringly brilliant and yet absolutely infuriating developments of our modern age. Their breathtaking possibilities can illuminate lives whilst at the same time making simple tasks completely impossible.

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So here for your consideration are the most annoying IT problems along with some suggestions on how to solve them.

When your computer slows to a crawl:
It could be that you have too many programs open at the same time. Where ever possible clear out any programs or files that you don’t need, it will do your computer the world of good and make for a faster and more efficient user experience.

If the internet won’t work:
Check your connection then, if your computer can’t identify the problem try rebooting it.

Try switching off and unplugging your modem, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on again. If it still won’t work contact your internet provider.

If you accidently lose or delete a file:
Check your recycling bin to see if you can restore it.

Make sure you save your work; some programs such as Microsoft Word will save your documents   for you automatically.

Make back-up copies; don’t rely solely on your hard drive because if it fails you could lose everything.

In the event of a virus:
Buy and install Norton Antivirus or McAfee to prevent it happening.

Salvage what you can, reformat your hard drive and reload your software.

Free anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software can be downloaded from the internet, update them regularly and scan your computer for bugs.

If the supplier of your computer is unreliable:
If your supplier offers poor or non-existent after sales service, seek out a more reliable IT service provider.London for example has a whole host of IT service providers that are happy for you to outsource the handling of both your personal and company IT needs at competitive rates – don’t wait in vain for suppliers to get back to you tomorrow when you need IT help today.

Finding a reliable IT service provider is vital to demystifying the puzzle box that your computer can sometimes become. So don’t let your computer’s lack of speed, temperamental internet connection, unfortunate accidents, malicious viruses, or unreliable IT suppliers get the better of you. Shop around for an IT service provider to suit you and enjoy computers as they were meant to be.

Are there any tips or tricks you have for dealing with computer problems?

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