The Parrot AR.Drone


The Parrot AR.Drone

Up until recently, this Drone has been unattainable for me to review. I always lack a response when people come up and ask me about the best product I have ever reviewed.  I honestly can’t really think of any.

That was up until the AR.Drone came into my life. This is the life preserver for all those other reviews I had to put up with thumbs and toes pointed downward. The qualities and features that make this thing fly are so neat to be a part of. I loved being able to lift up my iPhone and be its remote controller. I liked the fact that since I didn’t have the proper handling skills in the beginning, it would assist me when I screwed up, which was nice because I don’t like accidentally crashing my planes and ruining them.

It’s kind of a far our idea when you think about what Parrot is used to manufacturing (Bluetooth)  but who am I to complain that I inherited a helicopter to play with. It’s also one of those things that you get sick of seeing all these lame generic applications on your iPhone and ten you get to use it fly your own personal helicopter. This is a step up for technology on the iPhone.

It’s a simple setup and quite an impressive one. The quad blades are also super powerful and could probably chop my fingers in half if I wasn’t careful with them. Luckily, there is a safety addition to the blades which helps me keep my fingers intact and also helps propel the helicopter. You have to be a little careful with the material of the helicopter because I did find out the hard way, some pieces tend to fall off a little easier than others if not handled the right ways. It’s also nice to know you’re not out of luck if you do lose a part; you just buy another one from the manufacturer.

This device will find you’re iPhone or iDevice using wireless WiFi and it does it quickly and easily. Trust me, if I didn’t have some kind of tight gripped WiFi connection, this thing would keep going and going. I would never see it again.

It’s a fast electronic device and makes doing its moves look easier than me moving the iPhone to do the moves. It does them in the drop of a time, with no reaction time to boot. Once you start flying this apparatus, you’re not really going to even care about that game that it is compatible with n the phone, but it’s still there if you get bored and want something to try out that a little newer.

This is something that I think was designed for us adults who are really children at heart, but if you’re independently wealthy, you could buy them for your kids. If they were my children though, I think I would wait until they were responsible enough not to TRY and break the thing.

I like to toss this in the car as an entertaining piece at parties. I also just like to play with it in my spare time and am really glad that I have gotten to buy such a neat piece of technology.

There is hope after for a “cool” review. This is the answer to all of your questions.

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