Epson Pro 3880 Stylus Printer


Epson Pro 3880 Stylus Printer

This terrific printer is available in two models one is the Standard form priced $1,295 and the other is Graphic arts form priced for $1,495. Like its huge price this printer is capable of giving stunning picture quality in printing photos. Even though it is not fast enough in printing like its competitors this hi-tech quality printer which is unmatched meets the standards of experienced photographer.

When comparing its price with other printers of similar price, Pro 3880 can be accommodated in your desk is the most remarkable feature of this printer which weighs just 43 pounds. A footprint supports the printer and with all its accessories it can still be placed on a desk top.

In spite of its weight and huge size, this Pro 3880 is able to print equally faster as its competitors. And it can be literally used throughout the day suiting your requirements. When compared with other floor stand printers Epson stylus is light weight and can be mounted on your desk.

The print head and ink cartridges lie around its centre. The printer uses Micro Piezo print head which hosts 180 nozzles for one colour. The print head is designed to clean itself and align automatically. The Epson 3800 comes with wonderful nine colours of inkjet cartridges creating minute differences between each colour.

In comparison with the printers of Canon which has 12 inks as its base in Epson it has only eight ink colour in its cartridges. Stochastic printing is possible only with Epson models which prevent you from differentiating sharper images. By making use of its instant drying technology the printer produces sharp image with better quality.

The control panel which is located on its right side along with switch is operative in four ways. The ink cover is situated on the left side of control panel. The Epson 3800 contains nine ink cartridges which are easy to locate and change. The paper tray is located in the front portion and a feeder tray on its back side. Apart from these two trays, another feeder is present in front to operate by hand. One major drawback observed in this printer is it cannot hold roll paper.

Epson does not support wi-fi connection in its photo printers. Neither it neither has memory card nor supports direct connection from digital camera. It contains USB panel and wired port for making network connection.

The set up process is easy and simple with Epson 3880. The software drive allows you to choose personalized options for printing and is designed to select automatic parameters for high quality image. The driver also has tools to track the performance of quality of print. You can select the preferences from the print menu which shows the complete details of the matter under print. It is possible to save your settings, add or delete it according to your choice. The printer does not produce violent sounds or shakes.

The speed of the Stylus 3880 depends on the resolution and mode you have selected. The quality of printout is remarkable showing minute detail and the image is sharp and beautiful. Of the two forms available the Standard model is preferred by most photographers.

Epson gives one year warranty for its parts. Truly Stylus 3880 comes with a wide format printer which can be mounted on desktop and is highly recommended for serious photographer.

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