Step-By-Step Instructions to Unlock Your Android Phone


The first thing to get started with unlocking your Android phone is to get an unlock code. It is not an arduous task to do for a person familiar with android and its accessories. But if you are a novice to Android, you might be wondering on how to get an unlock code for your android? Stop wondering about it as it is actually fairly easy to get an unlock code and get the trick done; this article will show you how.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Unlock Your Android Phone

If you are a T-Mobile user, you can request a free unlock code from T-Mobile. For this purpose you have to complete the three months of your contract with the company. But what if you are not using a T-Mobile at all? In case, you are not a T-mobile user you need to purchase the code online by using your IMEI number. So the next task is to find your IMEI number. To get the IMEI number you have to go to Settings followed by About Phone, which is followed by Status. The second thing you need is a new SIM card.

DIY Unlocking Of Your Android Phone

1- Start with turning off your Android phone.
2- Follow the process by removing the battery and the back cover.
3- Go to the SIM card.
4- Remove the present SIM of your phone and set it aside.
5- Next step is to insert the new SIM card in your Android.
6- Replace its back cover and the battery.
7- Next turn on your phone.
8- Let your phone boots up and display the screen that will prompt you to put the unlock code for the replaced and new SIM.
9- Finally, it is the time to put the unlock code.

That’s all, and you have successfully unlocked your Android phone. Congratulations!

Unlocking an Android phone is an easy task and you can do it yourself just by following the aforementioned DIY instructions without seeking for any professional help. However, you need to be a careful and do a little research before you attempt to unlock the Android phone, to avoid unintended results like data speed decrease which you can face in case of any mistake.

Most of people using iPhone prefer to unlock it in order to enhance its functionality so if you are also one of such advanced functionality lover you can do it with your android phone to enjoy extra functionality at no cost at all.

Did that help? Then we recommend checking out the Computer Too Slow website. Hope it helps make your life easier!

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