Smarter Control with the OS 3.0


Smarter Control with the OS 3

Apple’s iPhod touch and iPhones are steadily evolving into devices with a wider array of functionalities different from their traditional ones as developers continue to create apps to extend the usability of both devices. One of such is the capacity for both devices to function as universal remote controllers for electronics such as PCs, home theaters, security systems, lighting and a wide range of other hardware. Apple’s OS 3.0 has made it feasible for apps developers to create home automation apps that seamlessly integrates with the features of its iPod Touch and iPhone. The range of control is also wider in comparison to other typical remote controls as both devices work using 3G and Wi-Fi; hence they remain effective even when the controls are administered while in a different room.

Savant Systems which had previously released its ROSIE Home Automation on the App store which is capable of controlling a large number of its HA hardware, has also further created another range of docks that are able to share video, audio and lighting directly to any interface created by Savant.

In addition, the company introduced Rosie on the Road, a 3.0 app which gives users the capability of accessing their home devices from even much further distances so long as there is an existing 3G data access network or Wi-Fi connection. The app makes use of the Bonjour service, a zero configuration network protocol integrated into Apple’s devices to detect and connect with compatible devices.

Another company in the US, Pioneer Electronics also ships A/V Receiver devices that home theatre systems integrate effectively with a customer’s iPod Touch or iPhone. With this feature, the sound levels of any movie or music playing on the home theater are lowered automatically or muted when there is an incoming call on the iPhone. There is greater compressing for audio files using the Advanced Sound Retriever, while there is increased consistency for audio levels using the Auto Level Control. All these features are directly available either through the remote control of the VSX-819H-K or from the user’s iPhone.

There are also a host of other programs available in the app store which can be useful for controlling the audio and video files on a user’s Mac or PC computer. Some of these include Apple’s very own Remote Control which is capable of controlling music, Macs, PCs and also the Apple TV. The Rowmote developed by Evan Schoenberg works in a way similar to Apple’s Remote Control but it includes the extra functionality of use as a track pad. Another app is the XBMC which when installed on the Apple TV or Xbox gives users the ability to control their TV and music from anywhere. It also works for desktops and is compatible with both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

With ISGUI Home Automation, owners of TELETASK HA systems can perform tasks such as viewing the cameras on their driveways, opening doors automatically and getting shades automatically lowered in addition to a wide range of other tasks. The Unique Automation Bathomatic app allows users to fill their bathtubs and set the water to right temperature.

The list of apps is endless and individuals can select from the app store the program that best suits their home automation needs.

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