Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case


Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

The iPad is one device that has gained a wide acceptance by many. It’s a quick means to surf the internet, watch videos and TV shows and take notes. Its functions are not however limited to this these core functions alone as there are many programs available in the app store that can help to extend the functions of the iPad even further. Users of the iPad soon get addicted to move around with it and for this reason, some people seek cases that would not merely protect the device but also express their own individual personality as well. Cases come in all types and form: soft, hard, stylish, vivid colors, inexpensive and expensive ones are available for those who desire them. In respective of preferences, a good iPad case should protect the device, allow for easy use of the ipad and also look good. Some cases which have these features are examined below.

BookBook iPad Case

The BookBook iPad case is a very functional one with a design carefully done to resemble books and sells lower than a hundred dollars. The case is sturdy and offers protection from impact. The case also folds backwards to double as a stand when required.

Bamboo  iPad Cases

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

Bamboo cases have an elegant and modern look. There are several companies which offer very good quality Bamboo cases for the iPad. Some of such include Dragon Moss which makes the Bamboo Case and Stand for iPad and Menotek manufacturers of the Apple iPad Bamboo iPad Case. Prices for these cases vary and could typically range from $30 – $130 dollars.

Zagg Leather Skins for iPad

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

Zagg Leather Skins are iPad covers made completely from genuine leather. The leather case hugs the device in a eye-catching way. Leather skins are however more stylish than they are protective. The Leather Skins are available in different colors and designs.

Vaja’s Crystal 3 iPad Cases

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

Users seeking unique iPad cases would do well with the Vaja’s Crystal 3. It is made from genuine white leather imprinted with lovely designs and also interlaced with Swarovski crystals. The case also features a detachable cover on the front. The look and the feel of the cases from Vaja range from professional to sporty. The one thing peculiar to all of them however is style and for this users get to pay a little extra as the cases sell for over $300.

iLuv Casual Fabric Case for iPad

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

iLuv Casual Fabric Case for the iPad is designed to give a more casual look to the iPad. The design is very simple and functional. It also offers some level of protection for the iPad as its insides are lined and padded to cushion the device from bumps and other impacts. The case is also available in a wide variety of colors and is best suited for everyday use.

Bacon Case for iPad

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

Antjes is a company that makes fascinating but functional carriers for a wide array of gadgets. There is a Bacon Case which is extremely suitable for the iPad. There is also a Cheese Case available as well, also available are other quality non-food themed cases which will appeal to a number of users.

Monster Themed iPad Sleeves

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

The Monster themed iPad sleeves from Yummypocket are also another interesting set that could make your iPads look more interesting. The cases are made to order and are available in a number of colors.

Fitted Case from Speck for iPad

Personalize the iPad With a Unique Case

The Fitted Case from Speck integrates the protection offered by hard cases together with textile designs to create a very simple but eye catching and functional cover for a user’s iPad. The design is also very smart and suitable for virtually any environment.

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  1. I bought a Slotzz iPad cases which is far more personal that any of these as I got to design it first and it was handmade in England

    I do like the book one though, hadn’t seen that one


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