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Wix Video: Adding Videos, A Proven Metric To Improve The Time Spent On A Webpage


Ever wondered why are videos more attractive to the audience? We will tell you.

Several studies point out just how engaging online videos could be – one study states that as much as one-third of the time spent online is spent watching videos.

As many as 64% to 85% of the visitors are more likely to buy a product if they watch a video first – videos have become an important part if you want to increase visitors on your page.

What is Wix Video?

Wix Video, created and developed by the website builder, is the ultimate solution to showcase your videos on your website. With the help of this tool, you can upload videos straight to your website. That’s not it. You can also upload videos from your other favorite platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo and also includes 360 videos and live streams. Whichever way you prefer, you work is displayed in a gallery which can be easily personalized according to your needs. You do not need to worry at all about how the video will look. The video uploaded will look perfect irrespective of the device on which it is being viewed.

Still want more? You got it!

Wix Video gives you the opportunity to upload multiple clips and create channels that can be subscribed to by your fans. You can also track your success with the help of statistics that are displayed.

Wix Video: Adding Videos, A Proven Metric To Improve The Time Spent On A Webpage

Pricing of Wix Video

Wix Video has two packages. One is the basic package which is free. The other is a premium package which starts from $9.00. The difference between both the packages is the number of features that you will have access to.

Features of Wix Video

Wix Video offers a wide range of features for its users. The features are:

  • Showcasing your videos

You can showcase your talent to make videos on your website in a professional way. You have the option to customize the layout, design and more according to your choice.

  • Promote and sell your videos

You can promote your videos and check the statistics of your promotion. In addition you also have the option to sell your videos. To sell the video you have to just set the price and currency. Every time a visitor purchases one of your videos, you get a notification and the selling amount is deposited straight to your PayPal account.

  • Commission free

While some companies charge commissions, Wix Video does not. You can collect all the earnings you receive from subscription and selling. It is 100% commission free.

  • Mobile Experience

You do not have to worry about reduced video experience if someone watches the videos on their phone. It gives the visitors great mobile experience where they can easily purchase the video from their phones.

  • Ad-free videos

While watching a video, if suddenly an add pops up then we get annoyed. However, this won’t happen with us. Visitors on your website can watch your videos without any interruptions.

  • Extra video storage

This feature is valid only for people who purchase premium package where you can get additional video storage which starts from 100GB.

  • Sell your merchandise

If you wish you can create an additional online store on your website. You can use this store to sell merchandize like t-shirts, mugs, movie posters and many more. However, this is valid only on premium package.

How Does Wix Video help your website?

Now, that you are aware of the features and pricing on Wix Video. Let’s look at how Wix Video will help your website.

  • More traffic

Considering video is the most viral form of social media content, your visitors will tend to stay longer on your website to watch the videos. This means there will be increased traffic and more visitors. People have said that after adding videos through Wix Video, the site visitors on an average stayed an extra 2 minutes on their website.

  • Increased clients

Wix Video offers a “sign up to watch” option which means that visitors have to give their email and sign up if they want to watch the video. This gives you an opportunity to collect a huge number of email addresses which you can later convert into clients. It will help you grow your community further. Customers have also said that with the help of Wix Engage they were able to interact and chat with their subscribers and solve their problems on spot.

  • Improved creations

Wix Video gives you an access to unlimited statistics like views, revenue, social shares and much more. This means that you can know what kind of videos or templates are working with your audience and which aren’t. People have said that having access to these detailed statistics have made them improve their creations and hence increase the visitors of their website. The improved creations are now making consumers buy the products more readily than before.

  • Higher ranking on Google

Studies show that if a page hosts a video than the changes of getting ranked on Google’s first page increases by 53 times. People who have uploaded videos through Wix Video have agreed with this statement by saying that their ranking on google increased once they added one video. Adding multiple videos can make your page’s rank higher on Google.


Using Wix Video, you can shine a spotlight on your portfolio, films, courses and more. The Wix  website builder is simple, and you could drag and drop all the way to build the web page you need.

You can customize it according to the template of your website to match it perfectly. If you are a blogger, small business owner, videographer or a yoga instructor, you can add videos to your website with Wix website builder to increase your visitors and sales.

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