Panasonic Viera TC-PVT20/25


Plus points: Above average black level presentation and very detail oriented when it comes to displaying shadow details, precise color scheme display in THX mode, awesome color dissemination, a fully functional screen with antireflective properties, capable of generating 1080p/24 tempo appropriately; generic VieraCast allows user to choose services off the internet and enhanced customization, reliable 3D picture quality and 3D glasses included.

Shortcomings: price tag is not affordable by everyone; Panasonic plasmas that came out previous year couldn’t retain black-level performance even for short intervals of time, grayscale is fixed and cannot be maneuvered in THX mode; relatively negligible number of artifact in 1080p/24 mode, this plasma has less streaming services at its disposal when you compare it with its competitors and same can be said for third party applications and last but not least the power consumption is a thing to watch out for as this set consumes more juice than LCDs and the latest plasmas that are available in the market today.

Final Verdict: Inclusion of 2d and 3d has made Panasonic’s hallmark TC-PVT20/25 series plasma TV a very viable contender for top notch position amongst plasmas as it packs quite a punch when it comes to displaying crisp picture resolution and optimal quality.

The emergence of 3D television has got much fanfare and publicity associated with it and the staff at Panasonic is mostly responsible for creating this frenzy, but the reason why TC-PVT20/25 series is getting rave reviews is because of its excellent improvisation of the traditional two dimensions. It performs on a superior level to 3D compatible televisions and is shipped with 3D glasses. But let’s look at things rationally and realistically shall we? Everyone and anyone who is tech savvy knows that 3D is a technology in its nascent stages and there isn’t much 3D content at masses disposal at the moment so this makes purchasing 3D glasses for each individual member of your household a expensive bargain and not everyone is ready to let go of 2D technology just yet and completely shift to a 3D television. Considering these facts the magnificent 2D display of TC-PVT20/25 justifies its purchase.

That being said there are a few very plausible reasons which would deter buyers from purchasing this plasma, the primary being inability to retain black-level issue the company had to put up with for its models released in 2009. This plasma has yet to show any signs of this shortcoming which its predecessors gained infamy for and nothing can be said for sure until this particular plasma has taken a long term test. Critics have already started pointing finger to it’s over average power consumption and already mentioned some glitches with 1080p/24 playback and stagnancy of grayscale in THX mode.  It has some saving grace though in form of its enhanced antireflective screen and innovative inky black levels, which redeem it. But overall it can be safely said that it’s the best 2D television of this generation that is available for now! But with Panasonic’s competitors coming up with new and innovative HDTV’S, the TC-PVT20/25 series could be toppled from its throne.

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