Five Business Apps For Android That Will Make Your Life Easier


Your cellphone has become your business partner by now. You know what it knows and vice versa. As such, it is imperative that you load your Android with the business apps that will maximize your productivity and take some of the stress out of your job. I am your friend and I want to help you with this. So, I have compiled a list of the five best mobile apps for Android that every business person needs.

Camcard Lite – Business Card 4 

Let’s start with the basics. Networking is everything in business and if you are going to network, the quick parsing of business cards adds new acquaintances into your network better than old school phone number exchanges ever could. The app reads and scans in your new associate’s information and stores it in the cloud for later access. It’s quick, it’s painless, and it speaks 16 languages, which is 14-15 more than most of us can.

Google Drive 

Google Docs has leveled up into one of the best mobile apps available. Every file you have painstakingly created on the various Google services over the years is accessible through Google Drive. Even better, the information is easily shared with co-workers for seamless collaboration. Google has the finest engineers in the world and their apps are always the gold standard in user-friendly utility.

OfficeSuite Professional 6 

Yes, this is like saying that in order to get a sunburn, you need to lay out in the sun, but that does not make it any less correct. If you plan to do any significant amount of work through your phone, you will need the ability to create and edit word and spreadsheet documents. And no matter where you are in the world, Carmen Sandiego, your boss will still expect you to be able to perform PowerPoint presentations at the sound of a ringtone. Find me the job where you do not need to perform these sorts of tasks and I will tell you that yes, I do want fries with that.



If you are using your cellphone on the road, I presume that your job includes some travel. Tripit removes the aggravation from the process as it stores all the details of your travel itinerary in one place. You will not need to flip through your email to find your hotel confirmation, the location of the car rental place or your flight times. Tripit does all of this for you. Better yet, if you are traveling with a group of people, you can share your plans with others so that they know where you are and how to find you if needed.

Remember the Milk

Wherever you are, you will have a to-do. That’s a simple fact of life. And while it feels like a quarter of all Android apps qualify under the list-maker umbrella, Remember the Milk is the finest. No matter where you are, you can sync your updated task list and maintain control of your life.

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