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Android has been on the market of every electronic store for the past year. Within this time many developers have created some of the all-time greatest applications for Android users to enjoy. Either way if you’re a professional Android user or a just a young buck in the technological game, there will be many useful applications for you. Knowing which are the top 3 applications available for download is a beginning that any tech savvy user can experience. The top three are not necessarily in a specific category. But instead they’re of the most useful applications for the year 2010!

#3. The PDA Built into your Android

A new useful tool for your Google Android is known as PDANet. PDANet is the simplest way to make great use of your cell’s net connection. This tool ends up making a makeshift internet access point. This is a good way to go about getting on the web when it’s an absolute must. The free version that is available to all Android users! But, there are far too many restrictions when the trial period wears off. This is a good application due to the any time internet access. But, if it’s not worth looking up, it may not be worth logging on.

#2. Backups with WaveSecure

WaveSecure is a free Android application that can provide backups of many different files. This amazing security of all your information is scheduled to be free up until March 31, 2010. WaveSecure backs up files including SMS messages, photos, videos, contacts, and plenty of other files will save for you just as well. This application can restore your phone if it gets lost, lock down for you while hiding it, and this provides GPS or text message triangulation. This is a great application to have on you when the worst happens!

#1. The Elite File Manager

The number one place goes to Astro File Manager. Astro File Manager does a wonderful job of letting you locate files that can sometimes be hard to find. This works through your SD card and can create an accessible point to your internal memory, tasks, back up applications, and even mail clients. This file manager is one of the most user-friendly available on the Android as well. When you need to get your file manager, this may be the best option available for you.

Concrete Applications

These top three don’t include much for entertainment, but instead something much better. Instead of wasting hours away on your video game, you can make a nifty file system for all your information. Instead of downloading the newest Netflix application, filling out your PDA for work sounds a little more responsible with free time. Many great outcomes can develop from these applications, it’s up to you to choose which one you want to take advantage of.

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