Epson B 510DN: Printer for More Colour Printouts


Epson B 510 DN Printer for more colour Printouts

If you are managing a big business that requires a printer which does lot of colour printouts each day with high speed and good quality, then you can consider buying Epson 510. You can save lot of money on buying ink cartridges for other printers if you could spend one time investment of $599 on buying Epson B 510. This model is ideal and exceptional one for saving money since cost per page works out lesser than any other models and brands.

On appearance it looks like a big box with large size and is equipped with small LCD screen and in built Ethernet cable. The chassis still looks small for accommodating 500 papers and automatic duplex inside it. You can pull aside the rear side feeder while it is not used.

The inkjet printer uses black and three other coloured inks in its cartridge. The printer comes with standard sized cartridges and if you have used them completely then you can replace it by high capacity colour cartridges at low cost. This is the unique feature of B 510DN and you cannot imagine cost saving inkjet in any other brand.

The Epson B510 uses a tube for injecting the ink to cartridges. It does the operation of cleaning the nozzle and counting the drops of ink automatically which again is an outstanding feature of this printer.

The LCD screen is smaller in size with a friendly user interface.

This printer is most suited for a big business organization due to its mega 500 paged input tray and an additional 150 pages rear tray. The functioning of both the trays was smooth and easy.

The set up process was simple and comfortable. Since the printer does not support wireless connection, you have to opt for either USB port or an Ethernet installation separately.

However, the printer does not support any photo paper option for printing photos. Instead you can choose plain paper option for taking printouts of photo. Likewise, the driver does not support photo printing without border.

Ignoring the above feature, the printer B 510DN performs great. On testing there was no jamming of paper. And the printing sound is not too high and can be tolerated well enough.

The speed of the printer was superb with excellent quality outputs. The experiment was repeated on both text and photo images. The result was remarkable with perfect clarity like laser printer. But one thing has to be admitted. The Epson B510DN was able to produce extraordinary colour photos but its text document does not looked as great as its graphics. Particularly if you selected italic option then the text are not up to the match of laser printer.

The image of the output looked better if tested with plain paper than with photo paper. The quality of colour does not match the laser image when photo paper was used for printing. Hence, B 510DN does not support photo paper as mentioned earlier.

The printer is ideal for a big company which does lot of colour printouts and Epson recommends usage of 4,000 to 20,000 pages in one month. Having the calculations for such an output at lesser cost this would be the best option for saving cost if your company does lot of colour prints each day.

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