Laser Jet P1102w of HP Printer for Low Demands in Output


Laser Jet P1102w of HP Printer for low demands in output

Most of the laser jet printer available in the market is printing excellent quality with high speed. One unique feature with P1102w laser jet is its size. It is highly compact and can be accommodated in small space of your office or home.

The laser jet P1102w is located inside Styrofoam block with an USB and power chord inserted well within the case. It comes with wireless connection for internet and also with USB port. Initial set up demands connection of the USB panel. The software guides through the installation of the printer on your computer and everything was over in just five minutes.

The P1102w looks like an oven if you close the input tray. Being very handy and comfortable and its low price make it unique for your business. The front panel consists only two keys one for power and the other for wireless connection. Input tray draws the paper inside and is capable of holding 100 papers and the output tray located in the top portion printout the paper.

Apart from the input tray the HP laser jet also has special tray for holding envelopes or special papers. This printer does not have automatic duplexer unit and you cannot expect great outputs from this economy model of printer. It is capable of printing up to 5,000 pages in one month. Hence this Pro 1102w can be used as home printer for occasional printing jobs.

The printer contains automatic on-off controls for switching on and off the printer hence saves your current bill. The settings of the printer are designed to protect the toner for long usage. There are features for light printing in the settings. It is possible to printout different sizes of paper from smallest envelop to largest executive and legal sized paper.

The speed is above average and is just suited for normal office functioning. The difference in speed was insignificant and can be overruled when seeing its output and quality. Again the speed varies with respect to modes selected and the documents selected for printing.

For printing photos you cannot expect much from this monochrome printer and with its 8MB memory card it was able to function perfectly without any halt.

One thing you must consider before buying this Pro 1102w laser jet is its consumption of cost. You have to spend some more money if you need laser printouts with high quality and added features for this price. The page cost works out to be high with this printer and if you are not going to print heavily then you can mange your savings.

In short, this printer is ideal for those who expect good quality printout with high speed at low budget. If the demand of printing is low then this would be the best option for your office. If you can accommodate large sized printer then you can go for Samsung 2525w model which is equally priced with added features.

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