The Right Choice for your iPhone: Skype


iphone skype AppSkype app will be the better choice for your iPod touch screen. Initially another app named VoIP came from Skype which is applicable only for iPhone users with internet connection. But the skype which comes today provides truly better experience.

If you have already familiar with making calls in iPhone then skype keypad will be easy for you. Indeed you can add skype for making calls over 3G network, provided you are having better data plan to make such calls. With the help of iOS 4 you can now receive calls and messages even the skype application is not in use. Thus iOS offers support for performing various tasks using skype, which has changed from ‘good’ to ‘great’ feel now.

If you wish to call someone who also uses this app, then you are in same wavelength. You just have their name added in the address book of skype and the app calls them immediately. Its excellent voice quality can never be compared to cell phone quality. You can make use of its messaging instant option for giving instant messages to your friends. Skype also offers familiar interface for doing chats based on texts with your friends in skype.

If in case, the skype is not running then also you can access calls from your friends on Skype since iOS 4 makes the application running always. Without disconnecting the skype call you can now check your mail.

Apart from skype to skype features, the company gives fantastic competitive deals from $3 for a month for making unlimited calls with Canada and U.S.A. friends. And if you pay $14 for a month, you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the world.

You can make contact with friends who are in the address book of your app. You can call anyone and send messages by pressing the tab. If you have used iPhone, you know how to dial the numbers in skype app. You can use this skype as a substitute for making real calls.

The only drawback in this app is it does not provide video chatting. Most of the cellular phones provide video chatting facility. This includes latest iPod and iPhone 4 services which offer face time calls. It is disappointing to know that Skype which is well known for video chat on the desk top does not provide that facility in its app in iPhone. I am eagerly looking out for skype app with video chat facility when ever there is news about its upgrade, but till date it has not introduced video chat feature in its app.

Even with this weakness, skype deserves all praise from me. With the use of iOS it is possible to make real calls through internet.

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