Tips To Get Maximum Engagement In Email Marketing


Engagement would be the right term which can be used to relate a campaign and the customer response. As an email marketing company you will be well aware about the importance building a long term relationship with customer, the relevancy of retaining each customer for better marketing.

Tips To Get Maximum Engagement In Email Marketing

Here are some tips to get maximum engagement in Email Marketing:

  1. Get Permission: In simple terms don’t trust purchased data base. Make sure that you have received customer permission before you send them campaigns. With each campaign give them the freedom to opt-out. Don’t send campaign without their permission, they will ignore first and later chances are there for reporting you as spam.
  2. Try some Survey Mailers: It will be so nice of you if you ask what customer prefers. To check if the customer preferences have changed over time. To check the satisfaction level of customers. This brings up a healthy relationship with customer.
  3. Avoid Spam traps: First and foremost make sure that you have a good relationship with ISP. If your relationship is not good, there is no need to wonder if you fall in the spam folder. Also you can ask your trusted customer to move campaigns from spam to inbox folder. And always remember that, you are not supposed to use spam words. Avoid every step which can make you fall in the spam folder.
  4. Keep on building List: Don’t rest once you have collected a few emails, keep on building your own database. For a healthy business you need to make sure that your customer base is also increasing and improving.
  5. Test before you Send: An optimal campaign is a mixture of text and graphics. But it doesn’t mean that every html mail with text will get an inbox placement. You need to go through proper testing of each campaign on different platforms and various applications.
  6. Relevant from Field: It is always suggested to you trust worthy reply to address, i.e., an address where they can reply to. Along with it, people would open campaigns mainly when you share it with company name, they subscribed to your campaign they are interested in campaigns from you. So never miss out a chance to engage customers.
  7. Subject line test: A/B split test is a frequently tried out of subject line testing. There are new finding on the way to improve subject line, such as emoji, animated emoji, responsive subject line, i.e., subject line which is crisp, attractive and appealing in different devices. Emoji is the new revolution creator in subject line, they save space, they stand out in crowded inbox, they act as a small pictorial representation in subject line, creating awareness before opening itself.

How much ever we try to make our campaign engaging, sometimes we lag behind. To move forward and stand out you need to open your eyes and ears and try new things, with new combinations.

Shantam Dubey
Shantam Dubey is Senior Content Manager and Social Marketer at iCubesKonnect providing Digital marketing course in Delhi / NCR enjoys writing for audience from every walk of life encompassing technology, email marketing, affiliate marketing, beauty, home decor and shopping etc. He loves to write and has been exploring new ideas and thoughts to articulate for last 3 years.

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