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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins To Increase Traffic To Your Site


When it comes to choosing a Content management system (CMS) for your website WordPress is a no-brainer. It is the most customizable CMS and there is a large community which speeds up development.  The templates and themes are also excellent for a professional website or blog. When you choose WordPress for business you are guaranteed of more visibility and a stunning website that ranks highly for your keywords.

It is no wonder top global brands such as CNN and Times leverage the power of WordPress for their websites.  However, it is the plugins that make this CMS the ideal platform for your ecommerce site or blog.  These extend functionality and also increase flexibility of your website.


With a more functional website you will enjoy more traffic which is the dream of every marketer. More importantly you are able to attract new visitors and ensure the older ones return. Here are some of these WordPress tools to optimize your site while also auditing and promoting it online:

  1. OptinMonster

This is an invaluable tool when you want to enhance lead conversion. It helps convert visitors into email subscribers. It works by tracking their unique behavior and then sending them targeted messages just when they are bout to leave. This keeps them longer on the site and increases the conversion rate. The tool increases conversion by up to 600% and most top brands are already using it.

  1. Sharebar

This easy-to-install WordPress plugin is optimized to link your content with major social media platforms. With the role of social media in ecommerce increasing everyday it is important to improve your visibility on these networks.  Doing this manually is a tough nut to crack and Sharebar comes in handy.

Sharebar makes it easier for user to share your content by linking your posts to the visitor’s social media platform. This organically enhances exposure while also increasing traffic to your website. Users can select the social network they want to share their content through which in turn increases their chances of actually doing so.

  1. All in one SEO Pack

This is rated among the most popular WordPress plugins and for many good reasons. It highlights the importance of SEO in ranking and increasing traffic to your website. This plugin comes in handy by automatically adding tags and important fields on each post or page to help you get the most out of your website. It optimizes your titles and sub-headings, and generates Meta tags automatically.

There are almost 10 million downloads of All in one SEO Pack plugin so far and it is considered the ultimate SEO tool especially if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of SEO. The plugin also sifts through your content to ensure there is no duplicate content which could lead to Google penalties.

  1. Tweet Old Post

It is something that happens to every website owner; you post something and share it then you forget all about it as other issues take over your time.  This plugin helps you revive old posts and make them alive on your social profiles. It works automatically and you can customize the frequency and days your older posts should be revived.

  1. Floating Social Bar

While there are many WordPress plugins that make it easier to share your content most of them are complex for the ordinary user.  The Floating Social Bar is fast and easy to use.  It only features the top social networks and you can set it at the top of the post as the visitor scrolls down. If you want it at the bottom, well and good, it all depends on where you think the strong point of your posts lies.

  1. WP to Twitter

This plugin helps you to optimize your WordPress content by having it automatically shared on Twitter.  Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks and your target audience is definitely to be found here. Once you publish your content on WP you don’t have to copy links and paste them on your tweets.

Once you have created a tweet template that suits your brand WP to Twitter will use it every time you publish new content for Twitter posts. It also features a sidebar widget where all your recent tweets are displayed making it easier for visitors to follow the conversation.  With more tweets on relevant topics you are able to draw traffic to your website.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is an invaluable tool in ensuring your content is indexed. While internet crawlers might be very intense they sometimes get lost in the labyrinth of content available online. In such a case your posts risk being left out and this is where this plugin comes in handy.

Google XML Sitemaps helps search engines navigate through your WordPress site by making it easier to figure out your website structure. Once you enable Google XML Sitemaps you just let it run on your site and it will notify the crawlers every time you have a new post.

  1. WordPress popular posts

If you are already ranking highly on SERPs for your target keyword it is time to draw even more traffic by flaunting your best content. The WordPress popular posts plugin helps to make an impression and increase engagement with long time readers.

To increase traffic you must stay relevant. By showing off your best posts you will be drawing attention to both new and past users. If a particular post ranks highly in terms of views searchers will definitely want to read it if it relates to the topic they are looking for.

  1. Click To Tweet

This WordPress plugin helps you get the most out of Twitter marketing by creating tweetable content for your readers. It allows you to add a beautiful click to Tweet box on your WordPress post which attracts more Tweeter users to your WordPress site.

  1. Instant Articles for WP

This is the dream collaboration; Facebook and WordPress are both instrumental in drawing traffic to your website.   This plugin now enables you to set up your WP website for Facebook instant articles.  These articles load faster and Facebook users are more likely to click on them. This increases your visibility on Facebook but more importantly brings more traffic to your landing page.

If you want to get the best out of online marketing then choose WordPress for business. With these innovative plugins you will optimize your WP website to increase your search engine ranking while also increasing traffic to your website.

Rahul Bhardwaj is a Project Manager with online marketing agency Trignosoft Solutions. He especially enjoys learning & sharing thoughts about search engine, social media, and website development. His job is to create value for clients in their particular niches that eventually bring them links and business through digital mediums. Follow him google plus and twitter

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