5 Great Options for Protecting Your iPad 2


As expensive and valuable as iPads are, its essential that you keep yours as well-protected and safeguarded as possible. Fortunately, there’s a whole array of covers and cases to choose from in every style imaginable, so you’ll never have to risk damaging your iPad again. Here’s a rundown of a few of the latest and greatest iPad cases.

Apple Smart Cover
The Apple Smart Cover is the only protective case actually produced by the iPad’s manufacturer. This case is relatively simple and does not come with many unique gadgets or functions, but it’s one of the fastest selling iPad 2 cases because customers love the peace of mind that comes with knowing for certain that the case will fit and function as described. The Apple Smart Cover comes in over ten different colors and features carefully placed magnets that help it fit the apple ipad 2 snugly.

Targus Rotating Case
The Targus Rotating Case is must have for iPad owners who love viewing videos and other media on the go. Compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2, the Targus Rotating Case can rotate a full 360 degrees and has many adjustable options to optimize viewing performance while eliminating the need to remove your iPad from its case or find another object to support it. Its hard shell exterior will protect it from possible bumps and bruises while the inside offers soft lining to safeguard it from scratches.

Incase Book Jacket
Incase is one of the most established manufacturers of protective products for all kinds of electronics, and they have delivered again with the Incase Book Jacket for the iPad 2. The interior of the Book Jacket is of the highest quality you will find with any sleeve or cover, featuring suede cushioning and elastic bands to hold the tablet tightly. Like the Rotating Case, the Book Jacket is great for multimedia as it has three adjustable viewing angles. The designers at Incase have outdone their competitors with a quality product that simply works.

Logitech Keyboard Case
The Logitech Keyboard Case is an innovation in technology; it functions as a protective shell for the iPad while doubling as a fully functioning keyboard that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth for fast, efficient typing. This case was released to phenomenal reviews as customers were ecstatic about its ease of setup and surprisingly large size of the keys. Perfect for the mobile worker, the Keyboard Case can instantly turn your iPad 2 into an operational laptop.

Hard Candy
Rounding out the list, the Hard Candy Convertible Case is great for iPad 2 owners with budget. This case comes in at well under $25 at most retailers and provides your iPad with all the basic protection it needs at a great price. Crafted with faux nubuck material, the Convertible case is at once attractive and sturdy, an admirable product built for the long haul.

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