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Spanish ES VocabularyTwo apps that help you in learning Spanish are Spanish ES Vocabulary and Start Spanish. Although both these apps offer bunch of information for teaching Spanish it is difficult to master the language only by this app. Applications normally teach language by set of courses or by flash card approach. These apps prefer to teach them by flash card method.

This app initiates a quiz where your task is to find the related phrases or words in Spanish. You can take help from the red X button which gives the answer for unsolved questions.

Both the apps are similar in design and looks. Start Spanish contains 9 categories and each category has many sub-categories. On selecting a particular flash card you are provided with questions regarding that subject. You can start reading each flash card one by one by knowing more phrases and words from 20 such flash cards. If you are able to translate the words or phrases in Spanish correctly and if you are sure about the answer then press green button. For unknown answers press red X button which will bring you a new flash card under the selected category.

Start Spanish app is highly educative in nature but confuses a bit in design element. Even though the content is good, the way of description is somewhat senseless. For instance, after learning the parts of body, I wanted to take a test on my understanding. Hence I turned on the ‘read’ section for answering the meanings and sentences of the body parts. But it displayed meaningless sentences that have absolutely no relevance with the selected topic.

Spanish Vocabulary is similar to the earlier app, but it offers more number of words than phrases in all categories. Another app named Mobilinga which teaches Spanish with 5000 words under 14 categories is also available for iPhone. While comparing with Start Spanish app, this Spanish Vocabulary app is more focused in its approach. It gives more phrases and words related to particular category. In other words, Spanish Vocabulary can be used for improving your Spanish knowledge whereas Start Spanish for understanding the basics of conversation.

Even though the information shared in both the apps are good, the way of approach differs from one another. It provides instructions to follow, but it is hard to find its location tracing through the menu settings. It could have been adapted with other easy approach which is easy to trace out the instruction manual.

Both these applications, Spanish Vocabulary and Start Spanish can be used by anyone who wishes to learn the language. But it has to be necessarily supplemented by a text book by your side. Otherwise, you can buy a systematic app which teaches Spanish in better ways. Even though the information shared by them is good, it lacks in its approach.

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