Canon Power G11 with Increased MegaPixels


Canon Power G11

While selecting a camera, it is often noticed that professional photographers choose the one with high mega pixel count. Nowadays, the compact camera with advanced digital experience is on the rise. Canon Power Shot G 11 has won appreciation for high quality image similar to DSLR quality and also compact for holding.

The Competitors

The primary challengers of Canon are Panasonic and Olympus which made its produce containing DSLR sensors. Hence, Canon reciprocated with its current model G11. In a press release made by the Sr. operations Director, Getty Images, he stated that Canon G10 is often used in editorial section in their magazine. Taking photos is related to journalism and hence G10 helps in shooting good shots without much effort of the photographer.

Decrease mega pixel for good image

In actuality, number of mega pixel does not matter if quality of image is guaranteed. Canon G10 made lesser noise than its competitors while testing was done. Normally size of the mega pixel is significant for sensor performance but G10 has only 1/1.7 inches size sensor. Canon is always in the habit of creating unique things in the field of digital experience. Accordingly, the Power shot model has lesser mega pixels than the original G10 model. In order to match the shortcomings of G10, Canon has provided large sized pixels in its new version.

The mega pixels in G11are almost double the size of power shot G10 model. That made it possible to produce distinctive difference and enhancement in noise signal ratio. If the size of the mega pixel is large, then better would be its image. Canon has stated that G11 is roughly 4 times greater in performance and image quality than the earlier version G10. In other words, it could produce sharper shadow details and less of highlight blowout for particular scenes.

Used by photo journalists

The use of dynamic range of sensor is highly appreciated by photo journalists who are forced to take photos in poor lighting and high noise performance in higher ISO settings. Hence G11 camera is ideal for the photographers who are in difficult situation of shooting high quality image even without a flash.

Gary Knight, a photo-journalist of VII photo agency has stated that while shooting in conflicting areas, it is essential to possess a handy camera in her bag which allows for discrete work and also capturing high quality images. In this aspect, G series has superbly matched our work by giving quality images via handy sized camera.

Pro Flash Compatibility

Canon has purposely introduced G11 for the effective use by photo-journalists in selecting their flashes from DSLR. Henceforth, they need not take another instrument for providing flash. It is enough if they take G11 with them which are flash compatible in nature.

Marketing Gimmick

The Power shot G11 is equipped with flap paddle screen which does not expose the screen for unnecessary scratches when the camera is shooting the picture. Added with it, it has an optical view finder which is the best choice of many photographers. If you grip the camera properly you can take sharp images even in dim light situations.

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