DroidLaw – The App for Lawyers on Android


Droid LawDroidLaw offers complete solution for all your legal matters. Anything connected with law such as civil and criminal procedure and bankruptcy procedure, appellate procedure and all Federal Rules are now handy in your pocket Android.

A professional who practice as a lawyer cannot rely on the material given in this app as that is not permitted according to the law. For casual reader like you and me this app is not fascinating and relates to topics which are not interesting or appealing in any form. It is hard to pin point what the developers have intended to cover by creating such an app like DroidLaw. Basically it covers all the Federal laws and procedures still no lawyer can authentically follow this app for filing case suits on behalf of his client. Instead he can only rely on the standard law books and references for filing a case.

The app of DroidLaw and its practical use can be explained using a hypothetical case as an example. Assume you have fallen prey for a deadly car collision by another guy. And you rush to your lawyer for filing a case against the man who collided with you. Suppose, your lawyer refer the app of Android Law and works out what has to be quoted in this particular case and then he files a case on your behalf. Later on you will be billed a huge amount as fees for consultation by the lawyer for conducting legal research and quoting rules from the DroidLaw. After the case has been registered, written complaint is filed and notice is also sent to the third party involved in this accident.

After some days, your case stands dismissed by the court stating the lawyer has not filed the case in the correct court. Suppose if your lawyer relies only on this app, which does not provide any information as to which court is applicable for which cases then you are going to loose the case. In case the lawyer had used any other acceptable method you would have win the case. Hence using this app as an authentic research tool is not acceptable by law. And this app also does not include court opinions and citations in its feature.

Hence this is the major problem in using or relying on this app as a valid research resource. The app includes only acts on law and legal procedures. It is not easy to search and find out any law. At present, it covers only federal rules not quoting any court opinions. In other words, the app DroidLaw cannot be considered as a valid tool for reference in legal matters.

In case if you wish you can purchase add-on to be included in this app. Again this app does not cover all the states in United States and it limits only with four state laws. I would say all the material included in this app can be accessed in a computer if you have an internet connection.

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  1. Not sure whether I should be angry about this or feel sorry for the poor soul that created this. This is a blatant ripeoff of Paul Jickling’s PCWorld review with the added twist of english not being a strong point.

    P.S. It’s DroidLaw, DroooooooooidLaw….. for the Android. DroidLaw does not exist for the iPhone. It is beyond me how you managed to screw that one up…

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the comment. Not sure how this one got published, but corrected the article.


  2. Hi there,
    While we’re at it you may want to remove the space between Droid and Law, as the name of the App is “DroidLaw” not “Droid Law”.


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