Review of Kyocera Torino S2300 – black (MetroPCS)


This Kyocera Torino S2300 review features the differences of Kyocera Torina S2300 and Kyocera Loft as both products are almost identical. Kyocera had previously launched its Android based cell phone; however Torino is an addition which further enhances the image of the brand. The product has been designed in such a manner which allows it to be priced at a nominal level. If you purchase the device without a contract then it would cost you $29.


Kyocera’s Torino S2300 is no different from the previous Kyocera Loft as we have mentioned earlier. The same shape has been retained for this model which would be obvious to the users of Loft. This allows the price to remain minimal as nothing fancy is added to it. Its measurements are 4.06 inches tall, 2.6 inches wide and 0.59inch thick. However, the main aim of the device is to perform its basic functions.

The enhancements which have been made in this edition is that the keyboard is less cramped compared to the previous models. It has the same number of buttons and the layout also stays the same. Previously, navigating options were a bit confusing, however, it’s easier to navigate in this edition. The smoothness of the QWERTY keyboard allows users to enjoy while typing as it feels comfortable to hold the cell.

Other basic features remain the same such the volume buttons, headphone jack, micro-USB charger port etc. Furthermore, the availability of the shortcut keys also allows users to multitask. The camera is placed at the back side of the cell.


Since this edition is targeted towards the users who just need a cell phone for basic purposes, thus it does not offer many advanced features. Most of the features remain the same as were in the previous edition. However, the changes have been made to the contact book which now allows up to 500 entries, allows 10 polyphonic ringtones, 1.3 mega pixel camera but no video recording, USB connectivity, voice dialing, Bluetooth, multimedia and text messaging, stopwatch, calculator etc. These are some of the basic features which all of us require in our daily lives.


After testing the Torina using the MetroPCS service, it could be said that call quality is better than that of the Loft. As we have mentioned previously, this is an upgrade of the Loft, therefore most of the features which lacked in performance have been made better to increase user’s satisfaction. Previously, there was an issue of signals disappearing, however this time around the appropriate adjustments have been made.

Positives: Very user friendly, minimal price range, comfortable to use, availability of all the basic features.

Negatives: Just offers 1.3 mega pixel camera with no video recording, no expansion of the memory, limited ring tones.

Suggestion: This phone would be suitable for those who just need it to fulfill their basic purposes such as calling and texting. However, this might be the wrong product for you need more functionality and expansions.

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