Wireless Speaker from Logitech Z515


Wireless Speaker from Logitech Z515


It can be used as both wireless and wired speaker. The set up is quick and simple and it contains a rechargeable battery. The system is priced 100 dollars.


The set up is simple and easy. The quality of sound is good for its compact size. The battery can be recharged and used again, hence supports good life.


The range of reception is not good. The unit seems too simple.


Lot of handy speakers is available in the market but this model from Logitech is ultra simple with a reasonable price. The unit of Z515 is very simple and small with 2 inputs and can be used both with wire and wireless. If you are hearing it by wired connection it may cause disturbance in wireless connectivity though you are not going to use both simultaneously. This simple speaker has 3 buttons for increasing and decreasing volume and another for switching on the power. It does not support any software. A USB port can be added to the speaker to produce greater sounds.

The set up was very simple and it was compatible in both OS X and Windows 7.

The only controls are with volume and power. You can increase the volume to fill the entire room but it is harsh to hear the sound at maximum volume. Bass effect is not as good as other speakers but it is better than your laptop.

The range of reception was selective. When I kept the speaker with desktop in the hall I could not hear any sound if I went into the kitchen. Even I could hear the music with poor quality and disturbance in my bedroom which was adjacent to the hall.

The battery can stand for 10 hours for maximum, but in reality it does not withstand for that period. Another drawback with this system is the speakers are not shutting down on its own even when no signal is found for half an hour.

The form of the speaker is round and hence it is not stable with some surface even though this is a silly issue. As such the unit is strong and 2 pounds by weight. At the rear portion, an opening is seen and probably it is a secret place for accommodating dongle. The panel can act as a stand for the dongle. The size of the speaker system is small and handy and I cannot compare its size with any other models. One thing is certain. The entire speaker system can slip into your bag easily or can well be placed inside your backpack if you plan to go on a trip. The outer case enables protection for the speaker from scratches and dust.


This speaker is a simple piece and basically used for hearing anything from your system at any place you like, since it is wireless. But I cannot guarantee about its range of reception equal at all places.

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