Save Space In Your Car With Interactive Windshields


Do you feel as though you just don’t have enough space in your car? If you are looking for ways to declutter your car and be able to make the most out of the area that you do have, then you have come to the right place. There are some amazing advancements in technology these days that involve your windshield. While a windshield used to only be a safety feature that was in place to keep particles out of your car and allow you to see the road clearly, they are able to do much more than ever and there are changes being made all the time. You are bound to leave here completely amazed and ready to view cars in a whole new light. We can’t believe we went so long without having interactive windshields because they have become such a huge part of our everyday lives now.

Know the Basics Quickly

It’s truly amazing what cars are able to do these days. Not only can you view your mileage, the temperature of your car, your current speed and other basic things from the comfort of your own windshield but there are also many other things that can be done as well. These screens are completely interactive so you can click on various files, surf the web, view your music and so much more. Your windshield is basically going to take the place of any device you may have previously needed in your car. There is going to be a lot more space in your car, making the space you do have available to you mean that much more. You’ll be able to be more comfortable and have a cleaner car than ever before.

Your Car Can Help Keep You on the Right Track

Many cars will actually help to keep you on the road as well. This is especially important and useful if the weather isn’t exactly optimal. It’s great knowing you’ll never have to be alone again because it will always feel as though you have a passenger with you to help point out possible dangers and where you should turn next.

Not only can these “cars of the future” sound an alarm when you are reaching the end of the road or when you are going out of the lane, but they can also keep track of your eyes. This way, if you are sleepy and begin to dose off, they are going to be able to wake you up and make sure you keep your eyes on the road. Of course, we would advise never driving if you are tired. It is much more important that you keep yourself from harm than it is to make it to that next appointment. Appointments and get-togethers can wait, but your life is something you only get one shot at and the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or someone else. Did we mention that cars these days can even park for you? We can’t help but wonder where that feature was back when we were learning to drive. We definitely could have used that one!

Get Real-Time Directions and Connect with Your Friends

If you have GPS then you probably know that it can be a bit of a hassle. Sure, it makes getting around easier than ever but those things take up additional space in your car and it’s hard to find the right location for them. These days, you don’t need them anymore because your windshield has all the information inside it. This means you can not only have those turn-by-turn directions you are so badly in need of but you can also be informed on real time information as you drive such as what band is at that club to your left.

To make things even more exciting, you can even access social networking sites and read your text messages directly on your screen. These features are going to save lives.

How it Works

What amazes us the most and made us the most interested in these newest windshields was how they work. How is it possible to be able to see through a screen but have the ability to also read data, view directions and view the web at the same time? The answer is simple. Basically, there are lasers using ultraviolet light that project the information onto your screen using sensors and a camera. While you would think these images would get in the way, drivers are very excited by the fact that they actually are hardly noticeable. Companies have done their part to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that drivers are safe. Instead of being distracted, you are actually being helped along the way and driving is becoming easier than ever.

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