Now You Can Use Dropbox to Share Big Files


dropbox-mobileme20GB of iDisk space is available for users of the MobileMe family pack account, but it’s difficult to turn a blind eye to some of the excellent alternatives offered completely free of charge.  Now there is a wonderful alternative for consumers who wish to share big files.

The majority of email services limit the size of emails you wish to send, usually to between around 15 and 20MB per mail.  Although this is probably more than enough for the JPEG pictures you wish to send, this limit will definitely affect you if you decide to send video files.  Now you can sign up for a free account with Dropbox, and gain access to 2GB of space online, directly from your computer or your iOS device when you begin to use their gratis Universal application.  Not only are you able to get at your files for sharing purposes, but, should they be in a format that is compatible, you are able to view your files from inside the application as well.  To take an example of a PDF, you would be able to view the PDF file directly from your device, and, while a lot of applications offer consumers this kind of viewing, Dropbox is dissimilar from the rest in that you are able to send a link to the file to someone, after which they are able to download it directly from your Dropbox account.  Now, instead of having to email a big file, you are simply sending a link that the person you’ve elected to send it to can use to download the file directly to their own computer.  This method of doing things is also an excellent solution for the backup of important presentations online, since your work will never be lost.  Because it’s Internet based you will be able to get at your files from any computer that is online by simply navigating to the Dropbox website and logging yourself in.

iPhone 4 users are also able to share HD video.  It’s wonderful that you are now able to take 5MP stills as well as HD video directly from your iPhone 4, and with the Dropbox application you are able to upload these files straight from your camera roll to your Dropbox account and proceed to share them from there.  Should you find that you need more than the gratis 2GB of space there are also options to increase this, with pricing starting at $9.99 a month.

Although it’s fantastic to suddenly be able to send and share files directly from your camera roll, it would be nice if, with the next update, the Open In command is added.  To take an example, if you already have a PDF file on your device inside another application, it would be great if you could say Open In Dropbox in order to share that file.

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