5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Save Money on Your Car Insurance


Our cars, like our phones, can be a vital piece of technology that we just can’t live without, so it’s important to use them to their full advantage without breaking the bank. Combine your driving and your phone to find the best deals on insurance, repairs and parking and try out the best motoring apps that can save you money today.

car insurance

Car sales

There are a number of fantastic apps available for your phone that list cars and vans for sale in your local area. Apps such as Carsales for instance, allow you to browse through a great range of local car sales, searching by make, model and price.


Parking can be a nightmare at the best of times, especially when we are in a hurry. So there’s nothing worse than finally finding a spot and then realising you’ve parked in the most expensive car park in the city, or worse, you have no change on you. Parking apps can locate car parks in your area and tell you whether they require a ticket up front or if you can pay when you have returned to your vehicle. They can also list full prices as well.

Insurance comparison

Insuring your car has got to be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a car. Make sure you are getting the very best deal possible every time and shop around before you buy. Websites such as Budget Insurance can be viewed on your phone or tablet and allow you to customise your search in order to find the right deal to suit your needs.

Local mechanics

Keeping your car well-maintained and running smoothly can really save you money in the long run. Finding a problem early and getting it fixed quickly can make all the difference between a few dollars for a repair or a bill in the hundreds. Browse around your local mechanics online and get a quote before scheduling your service in order to get the best price. And phone apps are particularly handy if you have an unexpected breakdown, allowing you to find the nearest garage quickly.

Route planners

Driving takes up fuel and fuel costs money, so don’t waste it driving around in circles. Plan your route before you leave and keep your phone handy in case you get lost. Pull over and check your route if you think you’re heading in the wrong direction so you don’t waste time and money retracing your steps later on.

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