Diseases Can Be Tracked Through Cell Phones


It’s a fast world where people need immediate results; be it medical tests or just a taking temperature, Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) have become a part of people’s everyday lives. The problem lies in the fact that these RDTs are sometimes difficult to be read or analyzed by the laymen and there is always room for error in reading the results. Therefore, researchers at UCLA are trying to reduce these errors and making RDTs more precise.Cell phone spy software can help counter the situation, in an ironic twist of things.

Assuring Accuracy
The mechanism of RDT entails that a person’s fluid sample is placed on a thin strip after which the results would be presented for people to read. This process cannot be as accurate as the human eye can make mistakes in reading the results. This error has been removed by researchers at UCLA who have digitalized the result, which does not require people to read their results at all. Having digitalized it not only assures accurate results but also makes the readings and results uniform in nature as a machine does that job. They also make reading of results and recognizing diseases earlier and universal which helps doctors diagnose a disease more accurately.

Cell Phones Being RDT Readers
This mechanism uses a universal device for all RDTs which can be attached to a cell phone. It has been tested on Android Smart phones and iPhones and has tree LED arrays; it is 65 grams in weight, uses a lens and two AA batteries. This device can read any form of RDT and is very user-friendly. One only has to insert his sample strip into the device which reads the results after which his phone converts those results into a digital image and display onto its screen for the user to read and analyze. So a decent iPhone monitoring software could go a long way when it comes to health.

After the results are displayed, they can be analyzed by another app which reads the result and tells the user if they are positive or negative and also tells if the RDT is even valid or not. The results can then be sent to a server where they can be processed and stored for future use. This is valuable for patients who need to monitor their results regularly and make comparisons between the readings.

A Breakthrough
This cell phone spy like monitoring device is surely a milestone in the field of medicine as it provides immediate and accurate results. One does not have to wait to get tested by going to a hospital and having their tests done, or are likely to read their RDT results incorrectly as this device will make sure that no incorrect diagnosis is made. This device would also help in taking account of the trends of diseases and where those diseases are greater in concentration. This way, one can see where he can and cannot go depending upon the prevalence of diseases in that area. It will also help monitor the status of diseases globally and help diagnosticians to diagnose diseases better all around the world.

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