Platinum Pro905 from Lexmark: Cost Saving Printer with Excellent LCD Screen


Platinum Pro905 from Lexmark Cost saving printer with excellent LCD screen

Number of features is superb in Platinum Pro905 inkjet printer priced at $399. The colour display LCD screen is one of its highlighting elements. It is expected to print at least 10,000 copies per month and comes with the lowest cost for one page and Lexmark offers the longest warranty period for this model.

The device was greyish black in colour with curved edges. It has been designed carefully by professionals who understood the need of its users. Two paper trays are found in this printer one above and other below and the lid can be easily removed to view or change the ink cartridges. This mode also contains a document feeder which can hold up to 50 sheets of paper.

The highlight of the device is its LCD panel which also serves as touch screen. The LCD looks more like an iPhone rather like a printer’s accessory. You can preview the text or photo to enable corrections, if any, warranted. Apart from your computer, you can take printouts from digital camera, memory card or flash drive.

In addition to the normal user interface functions a website Smart Solutions can be connected to the LCD screen where you can access many online services. At present there are about 12 online services which would be increased shortly by Lexmark. LCD would be better put to use by directly connecting to internet instead of rooting through Lexmark’s website.

The Pro905 Platinum uses four ink cartridges apart from standard black colour. The average cost for printing one page comes less than other printers. The entire unit as such is assembled except its ink cartridges and print head. While testing, we experienced some problem with black cartridge which lasted for several minutes. Left with no other option, we at last changed the black cartridge for a new one.

The installation and set up will be easy even for a fresh user. On giving wireless connection, green light glows showing it is in use. Printing went on smoothly for few minutes later in Fast mode the printed page got slipped under the next page. Hence, the paper handling capacity was poor in Normal option and also in Best mode sometimes. The issue was reported to Lexmark where they sorted out the problem. It was with pulling out the receiver tray to maximum changes it to Legal mode automatically and hence there was some problem with papers. It is necessary to look out for correct setting of paper tray before you go for printing with this machine. It would have been better if Lexmark has provided a release switch for changing from smaller to bigger lengths of paper.

Similarly the two paper trays were not connected or ‘liked’ during operation automatically. You have to select from the tools of Touch screen, and give input for linking them for bulk printing. Scanning went on clear and straightforward.

The speed of Platinum Pro905 was above medium and it proved good on testing at various modes and different documents. The device was printing photos with great speed when compared to other printers of its price. The speed for scan and copy functions was not consistent with text. With photos, scanning speed was excellent in this model.

The quality of print was well above average in testing for text and photo documents. Lexmark offers 5 large years of warranty for this printer. That is indeed a great feature of this model. Except for paper handling feature, Platinum Pro905 from Lexmark is remarkable cost saving printer with good speed and quality.

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