Dell Streak


Dell Streak

It is an Android model mobile phone which measures five inches in length. This Dell Streak provides wireless connectivity for internet and is available from 549 dollars onwards. The important attractive feature about this model is it has an excellent processor and improved storage capacity. Likewise the drawback is it looks too big for a mobile phone and the battery cover is not strong.

Dell streak is strangely device. It has been launched to serve as a bridge between laptops and mobile phones and it exists as a powerful competitor to its rival iPad.

Dell streak mobile, in switched off condition looks like a lifeless slab. As soon as you turn on the power, three buttons which are located in right side of the phone glows and the smart screen begins to shine up. It has a resolution of up to 3280 and enough space for accommodating more elements in this Android mobile.

The in built features include wireless connection, 3G modem, and a camera with SD memory. It looks slightly hefty and holds the battery inside a panel safely.

The streak serves as all-in-one instrument. You can download an app and read the entire file. You can search through the Google Maps, or listen to the video with media, and lastly you can use this as your favorite phone also. This large sized mobile device is looking fun and does all the tasks with equal potential.


Dell streak mobile has in in-built 1GHz processor which makes this device as the best ever mobile phone. You can do lot of work using its computing power. But it is not big enough for doing word processing in this phone or doing text editing also.

This model mobile phone is handy, stylish and robust. It paves way for the future generation mobiles and it is the forerunner of advanced model mobile phones. For sure it is very much appealing and it keeps up the promise made in its catalog. Each website can be accessed easily and it has proved to be an excellent media player for listening to audio or videos.


It is smaller enough for considering this as a laptop and bigger enough to consider this as a mobile phone. Thus it serves as a bridge or transition between two extremes. I cannot accept this as an ideal e-book owing to its small screen.

Dell is running with 1.6 version from Android and will sure upgrade to 2.2 very shortly. Hence if you are buying this, you will be using an old version from Android. This model does not have flash drive in it.

There is slight awkwardness at its back side which consists of SIM card, battery and storage. In case if you are not fixing the panel properly, then there are chances the battery would fell down. This area was not focused properly by Dell.

To conclude, this model mobile is totally cool and it exists as a forerunner for future generation mobile phones. It will be a great laptop of smallest size at your service.

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